Wreck This Journal – Week 5

Another entry in Jamie Ridler’s “The Next Chapter Book Club” wherein we are working through Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith.

This week, I was ready to attack (accost?) the Journal again.

It all seemed innocent enough – I decided to take the book for a swim.

A nice relaxing, refreshing swim.

This was by far the most damage I’ve done to the book since I started. I was shocked at how much water got absorbed into the pages after less than 3 minutes in the pool.

It’s not like I submerged it or anything. I just gingerly placed it on the surface of the water.


And the weather here in Phoenix? 100+ degrees, yet even leaving it in the blistering sun, it still took over 48 hours to dry.

Here is what it looks like now:


It takes a surprising amount of pressure to hold the book closed now. The waves in those pages are in there. For reals.

Now to go find fire…

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