Wreck This Journal – Week 1

by Victoria on June 4, 2009

Wooooo…it’s finally time to start Jamie Ridler’s The Next Chapter book club where we are all going to work through Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith.

So this is Week 1.

If you don’t know Jamie, she’s on Twitter, and you can also watch a video where she kicks off our first week by encouraging us to give ourselves permission. Permission to get dirty and to fall on our asses (my word) and get it wrong.

And does that ever bring up a lot of stuff for me.


Following the rules. Rules must be followed. Horrible things happen when you break the rules.

Don’t dog-ear your pages. Don’t crack the spine.

This book is all about play and not worrying about getting it right, which is something I forgot how to do a looong time ago.

But it’s something I’ve been re-learning, slowly. And it seemed like this book would be good practice.

Ooh, there’s an interesting thought: Maybe play can be practiced just like yoga and meditation can. Maybe it even needs to be practiced. Which I guess would explain why I forgot how to play – I stopped practicing.

Or maybe bringing play into the realm of mindfulness, by definition, would make it be not-play?

Well, enough of that. Let’s play with this book!

I’m still behind the times and don’t have a video camera yet, so I won’t be able to share my wreckage in action. But I can post a pic.

I just flipped through a few pages…there’s one about coffee, but it’s after 10pm so there’s none of that around. And there’s one about burning the page (which Jennifer Lee demonstrated live on video!) and it’s way too late for pyromania, too.

But here’s one. I’m going to do it, but I’m procrastinating, which is why you are getting this silly play-by-play. I need to poke holes in the page.

Poor little page.

I was afraid I was going to rip the page by accident, but once I got going, I was fine.

Here’s a scanned image of the damage. (Should I even be calling it damage?)


See where it says “Bonus Hole” in red and there’s an arrow?

(Am I the only who snickers a little about “bonus hole”?)

That’s where I decided to poke an extra hole in the page. Of my own volition! I decided where it should go, without a little circle to tell me where to put it.

Yes, a pretty safe, low-key start. But it’s a start. We all start somewhere, right?

Next week? I’ll be playing with fire, food, and COLOR. Definitely lots of color.

If you’re a “wrecker”, too, be sure to say hi in the comments!

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