What’s in a Name?

You know that feeling when you’re about the press Publish and something isn’t quite right? But you don’t know what it is so you press Publish anyway?

Here’s a post about that.

Last week I announced my special offer to celebrate my first year of full time self-employment.

I kept getting this niggling little feeling about it, even after publishing it, but I couldn’t identify what it was about. So I asked Hiro to help me with it.

She helped me see that the way I had named the offer (“the Sticking-It-to-the-Man Special”) had the wrong focus.

It’s centered around what people don’t want. And it also reflects who I used to be, not who I am now.

Who I was

For most of my working life, my story was one of victimhood.

My employers always had unreasonable expectations of me. And they didn’t appreciate how hard I was working. And they just couldn’t see that my attitude wasn’t the problem. The problem was that they were asking unreasonable things of me. How could I not protest?

I hated my work and I couldn’t see a way out because I didn’t know what I wanted to do. And then when I figured out what I wanted to do, I still couldn’t act because it was too scary, and I didn’t believe I was strong enough.

I saw myself as a victim of the Man. And I had a lot of anger about all of it.

Part of what I’ve been doing for the last five or more years – starting at the time I decided I had to find a way out of corporate jobs – was shifting this pattern of feeling victimized.

It’s an old story. It really doesn’t apply anymore because I know that I’m responsible for my work life.

Connecting to the offer

When I connected to the essence of my celebratory offer, it showed me a combination lock.

For a split second, I thought I must have seen it wrong. But then I realized, when a door is unlocked, it’s there for the opening.

It’s a symbol of the freedom to do what’s best for me in all areas of my life.

As long as I have the right combination to unlock the lock.

The combination is made up of different things for different people. But it has a lot to do with knowing what you really want and need, and finding ways to give yourself those things.

The point

You see, the problem with referencing “sticking it to the Man” in the name of my offer is that it misses the point.

Sticking it to the Man is about anger and frustration and even revenge. Getting back at the System for all the injustices it foisted upon you.

Yes, sticking it to the Man is about leaving what you don’t want, but it says nothing about what you’re leaving it for.

And when you recognize the power within you to create the life you want, there’s no need to stick it to anybody.

You say no to the things you don’t want.

And you also say yes to the things you do want.

If it’s hard to say yes to those things because it’s scary, you find support.

And the Man is really irrelevant.

So, I’m leaving that old story behind, just as I left my job behind. I’m saying yes to creating work I love and helping other people do the same.

Same offer, new name

Going through this process helped me get clear on why I’m making this offer.

It’s because I want to help you create work that you love to do.

I want to support you in saying yes to the things you want. And I want to help you find the combination that unlocks the lock so you can be 100% YOU in your work.

So I think I’ll rename this offer. Let’s go with…

The Unlock Your Freedom Special

After all, don’t most people start (or have) their own businesses so that they can have the freedom to do the things they want to do, the way they want to do them? And to be able to make changes as their needs and desires change?

There are still packages and sessions available. Through November 5 or until they’ve sold out.

How about you?

Tell me…

What is it you’re wanting to escape from?
What would you like to leave behind?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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  1. Patty K

    You just keep getting smarter and smarter. :)

    I love the new name…and wow! I can see (and feel) the difference so clearly. Thank you for sharing your insight and process with this. You’ve given me much to mull over while thinking about naming future things.

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