What to Do When Your Project Isn’t Working – Tip #1

As you can imagine, with Project Prowess starting in two weeks, I’ve got projects on the brain!

And I’ve been getting some questions about what to do if you’re already in the middle of a project that you had high hopes for, but are finding that it’s gotten way off track somehow.

Here’s a little video about where to start when your project is bumming you out or keeping you awake at night.

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Here’s what I share in today’s (under 5-minute) video:

  • A big dose of reassurance…projects go wrong from time to time – it happens to the best of us!
  • The first two steps to take if you find yourself dreading or avoiding your project because it’s not going well

Got a project that’s gotten bogged down? Tell me about it in the comments. I’ll share ideas for how to get moving again here or in the next video!

If you found this video helpful, I hope you’ll join us for Project Prowess, where you will learn how to go from Idea to Finished Creation with more joy and ease. Starts Mar 8!

One thought on “What to Do When Your Project Isn’t Working – Tip #1

  1. Christine

    Oh, thanks for that, Victoria.

    I feel like you’re talking directly to me here. I’m registered for the course already, bug right now I am stalled on a few things and I want them out of the way so I can start fresh on a new project with the course. I like how you remind me to stay in touch with my body, I know from anxiety practice that losing that groundedness is the first step to true panic, so thanks for the reminder.

    As for the projects the hardest part for me is dealing with pressure from other people. Maybe I’ve already them off, maybe they have unrealistic expectations, maybe I accidentally gave them an end date that didn’t allow me enough time to get the stuff done. However it happened, they’re waiting on stuff and I can’t deliver and that just add to the pressure I’ve put myself under.

    Have you got a magic wand to help me deal with that? :)

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