What to Do When Your Project Isn’t Working – Tip #2

In case you missed Tip #1, I shared a starting place for figuring out what needs to change in a project that’s gone off the rails.

For today’s tip, I talk a bit about Desire.

Desire is one of the five essential ingredients for successful projectizing that I talk about in Project Prowess.

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The video is less than five minutes long, but here’s what you need to know:

It takes a lot of energy to go from Idea to Finished Creation, so if you don’t truly want to do the project you’re working on, it will be challenging to complete it. There’s no such thing as a completely smooth project, so Desire is what helps you keep going even if things get rough.

There are two big aspects of Desire (as it relates to a project) that I talk about in the video: the What and the How.

It’s possible that you’re not that excited about What you’re working on…maybe it’s not meaningful to you, or simply doesn’t light your fire. This can happen if you decide to work on something you’re good at, but you don’t feel passionate about.

Or, if you’re working in ways that don’t fit who you are, maybe the How is the problem. For example, if you need isolation but your project requires too much group collaboration. (Ugh…that just gave me a flashback to all those group projects I absolutely dreaded when I was in school…clearly, I like to work in isolation!)

Is your stuck project missing Desire? Or does it feel like something else is causing the stuckness? Tell me about it in the comments!

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