What I’ve Learned from Talking to Souls

Since I started talking to other people’s souls a few months ago, I’ve noticed some common themes that show up in pretty much every conversation I do. Granted, we’re not talking about a sample of more than a few handfuls of people as opposed to thousands or even hundreds (yet), but it’s hard to believe these commonalities are merely coincidences.

Here’s a list, in no particular order:

1. Your soul loves you and wants to support you in having the life you want.

I think many (if not most) of us wound up with a rather harsh view of how the world works. We think we have to perform in order to gain approval and favor, or even love.

That’s not what I hear from the souls I talk to, though. What I hear over and over is that regardless of your choices, past and future, regardless of how you feel, regardless of your worldview, your soul is there for you and will meet you exactly where you are.

Not only that, your soul is always ready and willing to connect with you more deeply, but they’re waiting from the okay from you.

2. You want what you want for a reason. It’s not random.

Anytime anybody asks their soul what their purpose is, or what they should be doing with their life, the response is always some variation of “do what makes your heart sing.”

Why? Because you and your soul chose those desires together. So of course your soul wants to support you in fulfilling those wants.

The only thing you’re supposed to do is to pull on the threads of the things that light you up and make you feel fucking excited to do them.

3. Whatever it is you want for yourself, you need to offer yourself.

There’s something important about the idea of having the things you want come from within. Want connection? Connect with yourself, first. Want compassion? Offer it to yourself before you expect others to offer it to you.

Anything that comes from the outside, without the inside component, won’t satisfy the want/need. Or it will only be a short-term fix.

4. The point of life is to experience it. The experience isn’t a means to an end, it’s the end in itself.

There’s not only one “right” path, so do the things you want to do. Learn what you can, notice what it does for you, and bring that knowledge forward to the next experience.

We can only experience this life to the absolute fullest if we allow ourselves to be who we are. Otherwise, we’re just holding ourselves back and ignoring what really turns us on (see #2).

5. Your soul feels extreme compassion for you and doesn’t judge you.

It’s okay to feel that you’ve made a mess of something (I feel that way at least once a day, usually), but to your soul it’s just another experience in your life (see #4).

If you’re beating yourself up because you keep putting off doing the thing you know you want to do, you’ll get no scolding from your soul. But beware – you’ll get no coddling, either.

You’ll get exactly the right amount of kindness and get-off-your-ass-ness because your soul knows what you need (not what you think you need, but what you actually need).

Why all of this is important and worth sharing

We each wind up with a set of beliefs about how the world works and how we should live.

Some of those beliefs are helpful, and some are decidedly unhelpful.

Those unhelpful beliefs can leave us feeling as though we’d rather not connect deeply to ourselves, because what if our inner landscape winds up reflecting the harshness we’ve experienced in our outer lives? What if you ask your soul for help and it tells you no, or it laughs or just ignores you?

That is not the role your soul plays. It’s not here to goad you into action by withholding love and care, or by making you miserable in some way. It’s here to help you remember who you really are.

My deepest wish is for you to feel safe enough to experience the connection of communicating with your own soul – whether I facilitate that conversation or you do it yourself.

That connection is the key to making the deeper shifts and dismantling the unhelpful beliefs. It’s how you feel safe enough to put yourself out there creatively, how you recover from setbacks, and how it gets easier to enjoy the whole crazy adventure.

2 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned from Talking to Souls

  1. Kate

    What a beautiful article! These points ring so true and I hope all your readers feel peace and connection merely in the moment of reading these words, as they come from a place of deep love and compassion indeed! I can’t wait to hear more and more from you, and our souls. Your readings are such a precious gift xoxo

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