Very Personal Ad Update – Real Estate Edition

Waaaay back on July 5, I posted a personals ad to find a buyer or renter for our investment property.

I realized yesterday that I had never posted an update on what happened.

The rest of the story…

When I posted the ad, I was sure that we would get the place rented or sold within a matter of days.

And I was so looking forward to being able to post my update and say, “See? This shit works, people!”

Sounds like my pattern of ridiculously high expectations doesn’t just apply to classes and conferences.

Let the roller coaster ride begin!

It took a couple weeks before anyone applied to rent the house – which isn’t really too bad of a timeframe after posting an ad to the interwebs/universe. But that didn’t stop me from feeling disappointed that nothing happened any sooner.

The first applicant bailed at the last minute. The second applicant was never really in the running.

Then a whole other month went by before anyone else expressed any serious interest.

During that time, I really began to question the whole Personals Ad thing.

Why isn’t it working?
What am I doing wrong?
Was my ad not specific enough?
Is the universe trying to tell me something?

And by the time someone else was interested, I had already kind of given up on the whole thing. In fact, we were starting the process of looking into some more extreme options for how to stop the bleeding.

(Interestingly, when there was interest again, there was a lot of interest, including an offer to buy the place. But there was too much risk with that offer, so we wound up renting it out after all.)

So, yes, the house finally got rented, nearly two months after posting the ad.

I sound totally ungrateful, so let’s try this again:

Yay! Our rental is no longer vacant!

This all happened right as I was leaving for the retreat, so I didn’t have time to update before. And then I was busy launching my site. And now here we are.

Things noticed about this whole process

  • My expectations often get ridiculously high.
  • I have a tendency to read into things when those ridiculously-high-expectations aren’t met. Why isn’t it working? Why why why? It must be some sort of reflection on me, right? Can you say, “control issues?”
  • There was also a deadline embedded in my expectations. In other words, because it took more than some unspecified-yet-relatively-short period of time, it stopped feeling like we found the tenant as a result of the Personals Ad.

Wish I had some wisdom to share on this.

But I don’t.

I don’t know why it took so long. And there’s no way to go back in time and see if it would have taken even longer without the Personals Ad.

Will I stop writing Personals Ads for the things I’m wanting and needing?

No way.

In the end, it doesn’t even matter if the ads lead to results or not.

Writing these ads is really more of a practice.

A practice of acknowledging myself. What I need. Or want.

It helps to bring clarity. So for our rental property, I became more aware that our preference was to sell it rather than rent it. In this case, that’s not how it turned out.

But I was still able to get clear, so that when the offer to buy the house came in, we knew that we needed to focus on that first. There wasn’t much question of “oh no, which option should we pursue?”

It was a no-brainer – run the numbers on the purchase offer, and see if we can make it work. In this case we couldn’t.

Writing the ad allowed me to consider what I was wanting independently of what would or could happen.

And sometimes, being able to approach an issue from that place of clarity is the key to getting unstuck. We get so wrapped up in predicting the outcome that we cut ourselves off from the initial desire.

“Oh, that will never happen, so why even bother trying?”

But, for me, something about writing a Personals Ad allows me to be open to more possibilities, however unlikely they may seem.

And when I can quiet – even for a moment – the voice that says, “That’s not possible,” then I can start to feel just a little less stuck.

3 thoughts on “Very Personal Ad Update – Real Estate Edition

    1. Victoria Post author

      Great question, Bridget!

      I got my personals ad format from our dear Havi, and it has 3 parts:

      What I Want
      Ways It Could Happen
      My Commitment

      If you want to see the original ad I wrote for our rental property, it’s here.

      I don’t think there’s really a wrong way to do it, but I believe being specific about what you want is important. I can’t claim to know why it works, or even if it always works, but there’s intrinsic value in getting clear for yourself about what it is you are wanting. Because when you are clear about what you want, it’s a lot easier to analyze opportunities to see if it moves you toward – or away from – whatever it is.

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