This Might Sound Crazy But…

I’m going to share something kinda kooky with you. Because we’re friends, and I’m always kooky with friends.

Well, I’m always goofy with friends. Not always kooky.

In fact, I feel a little weird about posting this, because it’s not at all what I expected it to be.

But one of the big things I’m trying to learn right now is self-trust. And how to lean on my intuition (or whatever you’d like to call that spidey-sense that sometimes tells us things we don’t expect to hear).

So I’m taking what feels like a big risk and posting this in spite of my doubts. It’s an experiment. And if nothing else I’m modeling taking risks and experimenting, right? Right?

Off we go…

Ever since I started developing my course, I’ve been meditating on it. Talking to it. Hanging out with it.

Today the conversation went something like this…

Me: What do my Right People need from me in order to find you?
The Course: Reassurance.
Me: Help me understand that.
The Course: They feel bad for not already knowing the stuff they’ll be learning.
Me: Ohhh. What’s the best way to reassure them?
The Course:
Me: Can you show me a symbol or a word or something?
The Course: They want to feel safe.
Me: Safe?
The Course: Safe with you.
Me: How do I do that? I can’t tell them, “I used to not know how to do this and felt out of control in my business until I learned how to do this and now I can teach you.” My brain thinks in ways that make spreadsheets and planning relatively easy.
The Course: But it’s okay for them not to know.
Me: Of course it is.
The Course: Tell them they can learn.

And then I started in with my analyzer, thinking this was not worthy of a blog post.

Me: Hmmm…can we come back to this? I need to just explore whether maybe there’s some other thing I need to do right now. Like Monday’s post where I gave people some questions they could answer. Is there something we could do that’s similar to that?
The Course: Reassurance.
Me: But…
The Course: Reassurance.

So there it is. I still feel stumped as to how to convey reassurance about this other than to just say it.

It’s okay not to know how to budget and forecast and create project plans. If you knew this stuff, you wouldn’t need this course.

It’s okay if you feel as though you’re flying by the seat of your pants most of the time. There’s no such thing as feeling 100% in control. Certainly not as an entrepreneur. But I can help you feel more in control.

It’s okay to mostly know how to plan projects and keep track of your business numbers but not want to do it. A little accountability can go a long way.

It’s okay if you’ve been afraid to look at your finances. And if you don’t really know how much money is coming in or going out.

Nobody will laugh at you or judge you for what you don’t know or for what you haven’t been doing. Even if you feel as though you’ve been in business long enough to “know better.”

This isn’t about correcting you or telling you how to do it right after you’ve been doing it wrong. It’s about feeling safe and supported in your business because you know where you want to go and you have a plan for how to get there.

I will teach you this process in the simplest, gentlest way possible. We will all be there to support each other as we go.

You can learn this.
Without tearing your hair out and working crazy hours.
Without subjecting yourself to esoteric jargon and convoluted methods.
It really is possible to build a solid foundation for your business.

11 thoughts on “This Might Sound Crazy But…

  1. Pearl Mattenson

    So glad you had this conversation with your course. And honestly even if the course didn’t have such wonderful answers (which it did!) I learned so much about your sensitivity to all the wonderful people who will take the course.

  2. Andy Dolph

    I agree with Michelle – and I think that talking to your course is brilliant.

    It’s amazing to me how important Safety is to all (or at least most) of us when we look deep inside. I keep finding that places I get stuck come back to not feeling safe in some fundamental way – but this is almost always below awareness – finding the fear is often the key to release the suck.
    .-= Andy Dolph´s last blog ..What is good art? What is important art? =-.

  3. elizabeth

    Thanks for posting this! I had never even thought of trying to talk to something you’re trying to create. So many implications! Like I could even talk to my baby business .. or my baby ideas .. wheels spinning. So glad you posted this! (And yes, just posting this does offer reassurance. By the way, I like how your course kept repeating reassurance over and over.)

  4. Cindy Morefield

    What a wonderful post, Victoria. Way to be brave. And for the record, it didn’t seem nearly as kooky on the reading side as it probably felt on the writing/posting side. Though I’m one who regularly talks to paintings and ideas and all sorts of things, so I guess you have to consider the source!
    .-= Cindy Morefield´s last blog ..The Obsession Continues =-.

  5. Drew

    SUCH a good point! While I can rock a spreadsheet myself, there are a ton of things I feel I should know, and yet don’t. That’s true for both the business world and the rest of my world…
    I tend to assume that everyone is going to be like mean reality-show experts, sneering at my feeble attempts at ________, and rolling their eyes at my baby steps towards improvement.
    Yay for not being a bully! Yay for noticing that we don’t need to be torn down before we can be rebuilt; we’re already plenty demolished, thanks.
    .-= Drew´s last blog ..Are Funny People Smart? =-.

  6. Natalia

    “It’s okay not to know how to budget and forecast and create project plans. If you knew this stuff, you wouldn’t need this course.”


    What a sweet post.

  7. Birdy Diamond


    Not kooky at all, and very appreciated. :-) Posts that let me relax about not-knowing-everything-right-this-minute are deeply valued, and let me get more done, which is also the kyool thing.

    Thnx so much! :-)
    -Birdy :>

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