Thing-Finding Myth #1: There’s Only One Right Thing

Back when I started trying to figure out what my Thing was, I had a lot of preconceived ideas about what it would look like. And some crazily specific notions about how I’d find it.

I was sure that there was only one right Thing for me. More like a Calling or a Mission from God (à la Jake and Elwood Blues).

And I thought that if I just prayed or meditated hard enough, it would arrive as an instant, deep knowing.

Though I would have denied it, I wanted my Thing to be announced to me audibly by the big, booming Voice of God.

Much easier for me to admit was the fact that I wanted the entire path laid out before me.

I wanted a guarantee.

Can you relate?

Those beliefs and desires led to a hell of a lot of stuckness.

First of all, that’s a lot of pressure. One right Thing out of an infinite set of potential Things? What are the odds of getting it right?

Secondly, it put me into passive mode.

It meant waiting for my Thing to find me. And it implied that the only legitimate action was waiting for The Answer.

It created the sense that any step forward I took without knowing what my Thing was was a Waste of Time.

The reality

Your Thing is any combination of What, Why and How that lets you be fully yourself and thrive at work.

The What is the product of your work. Mine’s coaching and teaching and creating digital products.

The Why is the reason you do it, or the big-picture outcome you want to create in the world. Mine is to empower people to start and grow businesses they love, and thereby raise the sum-total of happiness in the world.

The How includes the tactics and strategies and methods you employ as you go about the What and the Why. My How focuses on online stuff like this blog and teleclasses. It also includes the fact that I structure my work days with lots of solitude and flexibility.

Is my current business the only way I could have a Thing that fits me? No way.

I could coach on health issues instead of business issues. Or I could apply more of my tech skills to my current Why. Or I could choose (if it floated my boat) to focus my efforts offline rather than online.

It’s really about creating work that supports all of who you are – even the parts that feel like they get in your way.

How about you?

What kinds of beliefs do you have about Thing-Finding?
Are they stopping (or slowing) you from getting out there and trying stuff?

Want to learn the foundational steps that will help you get unstuck and find your Thing? Check out my *no-cost* teleclass, Six Essential Steps to Find Your Thing. It’s happening next week. I’d love to see you there.

3 thoughts on “Thing-Finding Myth #1: There’s Only One Right Thing

  1. Lori-Ann

    Yes to wanting One Right Thing, yes to “passive mode,” and yes to anything else being a Waste of Time.
    Thanks for reminding me. . . I’m off to ponder my what, why, and how.
    I also get stuck in “absolutes.” As in, if I make a decision, or head off in a direction, that this is “it,” and I have to do it wholeheartedly, and well into the future, and it has to succeed. . . . It can be paralyzing. I have read that those who have grown up with gaming know better how to try things and fail and try again. Maybe I should take up gaming? : )

  2. Victoria Post author

    @Lori-Ann – Yes! It’s hard isn’t it? I mean, *of course* we’re going to have a hard time deciding what to do if in the back of our minds we think that we’ll be stuck with what we choose forever. I may have to write about that next – I’d almost forgotten that specific aspect of the “One Right Thing” myth!

  3. Paulita

    Victoria – I love this:

    “It’s really about creating work that supports all of who you are – even the parts that feel like they get in your way.”

    LOVE IT!

    And want it so. much.

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