Thing-Finding Learnings (& an Announcement)

Back when I was trying to find my Thing, I thought I was taking all the right steps.

Reading tons of self-help books and career books.



Begging the Universe to just tell me what my Thing is already.

It wasn’t until I’d found my Thing that I could look back and see all the missing pieces that slowed the process down for me.

I didn’t know how to truly connect with myself.

I didn’t understand that the process of figuring out what you really want to do is actually a dance between inner connection and outer action. It’s not either-or…you must have both.

I didn’t grasp the importance of creating a safe internal space for all this work.

And the need to translate that inner safety to outer boundaries – ones that fit “real life” limits of time, money and energy – was lost on me, too.

I thought I wanted my Thing handed to me in a gift-wrapped box, but really I needed to understand my Essence Piece better before I could start trying to figure out the Work Piece that would fit best.

I also thought that my Thing was something I’d find out there, but really it was about answering the calling of my soul.

What’s interesting is that I didn’t start learning the tools that helped me find my Thing until shortly before launching my business. Sometimes I wonder how my path might have been different had these tools shown up in my life years earlier.

I’ll never know.

But I can share the stuff I wish I’d known then with you, now.

On Tuesday 6/14 I’ll be holding a no-obligation free teleclass called the Six Essential Steps to Find Your Thing.

You’ll learn the different phases that are part of the Thing-Finding process so that it’s easier to recognize what you need and where to focus as you work on your own Thing-Finding Adventure.

It will also give you a big taste of my upcoming 3-session course called Exploring the Shmorian Thing-Finding Methodology. We’ll be digging deep into the tools that will help you find your Thing. And together we’ll find the best ways for you to experiment without freaking yourself out.

If you’d like to have a perfect-for-you business but you’re not sure what it would be, Thing-Finding is the first step, so I hope you’ll join me for the free class. You can sign up in the box below to get the call-in details and the recording once it’s available (if you can’t see the form, you can sign up here):

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My wish for you is to be fully who you are, always. But especially in your work because we spend so much of our lives working.

I hope you’ll join me.

2 thoughts on “Thing-Finding Learnings (& an Announcement)

  1. Casey


    I think I share a similar issue: I was charging headlong after a career that I discovered (after my fourth Rally) I didn’t really want to do. Seriously? It took me five months and then some pretty intense/painful protestations from my body (real, physical responses) for me to finally GET IT: what I’m chasing, and what I just got done offering is NOT what I want to do. Yeesh! Damn hindsight and that 20×20 thing.

    Thanks for offering the teleclass and subsequent class. I suspect I’ll see you there!



  2. Victoria Post author

    @Casey – It’s really damned hard, isn’t it? I think we get so much comfort from Knowing What We’re Trying to Do that it takes a while to see that we don’t actually want it. Because, let’s face it, being in that place of “what’s next” is seriously uncomfortable. Wishing you clarity, my dear! And looking forward to hanging out with you on the call!

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