The Unlock Your Freedom Special

Note: This used to be called the Sticking-It-to-the-Man Special. After thinking about it, I realized the name was all wrong for what I was trying to communicate. If you’re curious, you can read the rest of the back story here.

In honor of completing my first year of self-employment, I’m offering a limited number of discounted coaching sessions. (If you’d like to learn about how I work and what I can help you with, please check out my Coaching page, but be sure to come back to this page to buy!):

5 3-session packages for
5 single sessions for

As a bonus, the packages and the single sessions include a copy of my Shmorian Thing-Finding Kit.

Who qualifies?

You do, if you’re ready to move from the work you’re doing now to doing the Thing that’s in your heart.

You can be employed, or a freelancer, or running your own business. You can even be pursuing your Thing full time, as long as it’s been for less than 12 months.

Most importantly, you need to feel ready to start creating work you love.

The whole reason I’m making this offer is to encourage you – if you’re ready – to get started now. And to let you know that I believe in you. I know you can do this.

You can get clear on what you want and need your work to be so that it’s a perfect fit for you. And when you create work that fits the real you, you’ll also have the freedom to transform it as your wants and needs change.

Together we can create a plan to make it happen.

You have the answers inside you already. And the power to act on the answers is there, too.

Invest in yourself. Invest in transforming your work into something you love to do. I’m committed to helping you make it happen, and in return I only ask that you commit to doing the work.

Life’s too short to do work that makes you miserable!

If you’re ready, use the buttons below to grab your sessions.

The not-so-fine print:

  • One 3-session package OR single session per person only.
  • Yes, it’s okay if you’ve worked with me before.
  • This special offer is available through Friday, November 5, or until the sessions are sold out.
  • Once you’ve purchased the sessions, they need to be used by December 31.
  • After I receive payment, you’ll receive an email from me to schedule your session(s) and deliver the Thing-Finding Kit.

Sorry! This special offer is no longer available. If you’d like to work with me, please head on over to my Coaching page. xox