TL;DR – I was skeptical. I did it anyway. Victoria fucking rocked.

Long Version:

I was drawn to Soul Conversations because I felt desperate. It feels like everything I’ve tried in the past three years has been an utter failure, and I needed some relief from that.

Years and years of being around people in the healing community has given me a healthy skepticism of anybody who says they have any kind of insight or, basically anybody with a mystical bent is like, “Are you real?” because I believe in real, but I also believe that 99% of people who say they’re real have some really great fantasies going.

Victoria’s Soul Conversations didn’t trip any of my ‘Are you real?’ alarms. She came across as having something authentic to share, a way for me to connect and listen. I think that coming across the invitation on social media made a difference, it put me much more at ease, like she had invited me to come sit at her kitchen table. I was ready for anything that might give me some insight, anything that might get me to ask new questions.

I read the transcript of the conversation while I was on the train, and it put me right on the edge between laughing and crying. My soul reminded me that I need to get still and tune in to myself. It gave me permission to take my time, to not try and do everything at once. I can give myself that permission any time, of course, but somehow having permission from “outside” reminded me of that possibility.

Since the reminder from my soul, I’ve been happier overall. I’ve been a lot less critical of myself. I’ve been checking in with myself a lot more, which helps me know when to get still. So, instead of the old tea kettles that whistle and they might be burning on empty…now I’ve got one that tells you where the water is at any given moment.

Would I recommend this to others? Hell yes. I can count on two hands the number of times I’d say, “Oh yeah, this chick’s legit.” Victoria is the real deal.

— Erin Busby

TinaRobbinsHeadshotWhen I got my Soul’s answers it made me nervous. I could tell that this was the answer I NEEDED, not the easy one I wanted to hear. It was
uncomfortable, but as I kept reading, something shifted and I found encouragement in the answers.

My Soul told me where to focus. It let me know which pieces were already in the right place and set some others in place for me. I had been dancing around those new pieces because I didn’t know where to put them, but my Soul did.

The conversation with my Soul was enlightening, but it was the follow-up
call with Victoria that made all the difference. That call showed me the
importance of my Soul’s advice, and that this wasn’t just information to
file away, it’s the start of a concrete plan.

If you are ready to listen to the answers, I recommend having Victoria
talk to your Soul. This isn’t like getting advice from a neighbor, it’s
information from your Higher Self – what could be more helpful?

The next time I find myself in a sticky situation, I’ll definitely be signing up to talk to my Soul.

— Tina Robbins

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up to have Victoria talk with my soul, but since I was struggling with a transition I was making in my work, I decided to try it.

When I read what Victoria sent back to me, it felt like a homecoming, like being able to discuss a problem with my mom and get her wise counsel.

My soul made it clear that I didn’t need to feel like a failure for changing directions, and I didn’t need to rush to decide what was next. I feel much more at ease now with not knowing what’s next. My soul helped me see that trying new things, even if they don’t work out, is part of the learning process, and will eventually lead me to the next step.

— Miranda

I’m not a very ‘woo’ person. I respect ‘woo’ but I can’t quite get there most of the time. So I was a bit twitchy about asking Victoria for a soul conversation but I wanted to settle my mind on something so I figured it couldn’t hurt.

I confess, I was hoping for magical, definitive answers, but my soul basically said that I already knew what I needed to know.

That was pretty frustrating – I think my exact words to Victoria were, ‘My soul is a jerk.’ At the same time though, there was a strange sort of comfort in it, a good reminder that I didn’t need to keep looking for the ‘right’ answer, I had to act.

Over the next few days, I answered my own call to action. I published some of my writing online, joined several professional organizations, and, I developed the outline for a class I plan to teach.

I get in my own way so often, it was a relief to have help to tune into the heart – or soul, I guess – of my question and get to a more peaceful brainspace.

Victoria tuned into something – from my question, from the universe, from her own wisdom, or from the energy I put out there – and she came back with what was ultimately a very satisfying answer.

If you are befuddled, or aching for an answer that seems just out of reach, you should let Victoria have a chat with your soul.

Everyone deserves an experience like this.

— Christine Hennebury

My session with Victoria was wonderful!

She understood my vision of where my business needed to go, and really heard my worries about making some obvious business blunder out of inexperience. Turns out, I was making everything way too complicated. I’m so glad I was able to hear from an “expert” to slow down and go a little bit easier on myself.

She was able to help me step out of the urgency of it all without making me feel wrong for thinking it in the first place. And I got to have that lovely experience where an hour of time really is way more valuable than I thought it could be.

And then in the weeks following, everything just went zoom! I was completely on fire and managed to set up an entire program of private lessons via skype in maybe a week or two. I had two people sign up right away (and a few after that, including some repeat customers) and I got to teach Shiva Nata to someone in Norway who’d been studying Shiva Nata by herself for years and was completely bored and stuck. Watching her face when she figured out that the practice could be so much deeper and more interesting – that moment was priceless.

So I definitely feel like a lot more of a professional and I’ve taken some pretty big steps towards my grand vision. I also have a website for it mostly complete.

Victoria’s really good at affirming people’s inner knowledge or “wisdom” (my, what a cheesy word) while also sharing her considerable experience and helping us avoid pitfalls. She’s compassionate and easy to get along with. I don’t have to do that warning thing of “If you can put up with ____ then you might really like her.” In this case, there’s nothing to put up with.

I absolutely recommend working with Victoria!

— Rhiannon Laurie

I felt so, so lost when I started working with Victoria.

I’d been trying (rather half-heartedly) to build my photography business for two years with very limited success, and I realized I wasn’t on the right path.

I was worried that nobody would be able to help me, that my life was OVER and I’d NEVER figure out what I’m good at (a touch dramatic, yes, but that’s how I felt!). The financial commitment was a concern as well, since it was a significant amount of money for me. (Spoiler alert: It was absolutely worth it!!)

Right from our very first session, Victoria was so easy to talk to. She was supportive but not a pushover. She asked GREAT questions and was always looking at things from different perspectives, not just my limited one.

I think the biggest shift for me was the belief that it’s okay for me to be a coach because I actually have a LOT to offer people. I was convinced I had nothing to offer, I was too young, I had “failed” at business before, so why would anyone ever hire me? She helped me to see that that’s completely untrue – I bring a lot to the table and I wasn’t acknowledging that before. Now I’m in the middle of a coach training program and I LOVE it!

The other big shift for me was time management. When we started working together I wasn’t making good use of my time and I was really hard on myself because of it. Victoria helped me understand that not only is it okay to take time for myself, it’s essential. I’ve continued to put time in my calendar for writing, for my coach training program, and for fun, just-because-I-feel-like-it activities and it feels SO MUCH BETTER than all the guilt I had before.

Now I have a direction as well as the tools to help me get there. Victoria has been so amazing to work with, I can’t even thank her enough!

— Alexis Helmrath

You, m’dear, are a born teacher!!

One of the teacher things that you do so well is combining theory and specifics. And giving concrete examples. Love, love, loved that you shared your own experiences with using the class material. Seeing how you used the tools in real life will make it so much easier for us to use them on our own.

Smiling and waving over here & very excited about the way that you help people!!!!!

So grateful to be part of this,

— Karen Caterson

Victoria, I want to express how much you’ve helped me. It’s not just that you helped me to be able to move forward. I think, when I first decided to work with you, I just kind of…didn’t know that certain things were even possible.

You led me to this way of seeing possibility, and then…to navigating from a place of grounding and connection with myself.

I am grateful for the support and clarity that have helped me begin making strong choices for myself and my work, and asserting/discerning my boundaries.

During our last call, I had another one of those moments of “Really? That’s an option?” when you suggested I could let go of the day job thing much sooner than I was thinking.

As it turns out, that’s what is happening. About a month ago, I cut back significantly on my hours at the research lab. And now I’m deciding whether to stop all the madness entirely right now, rather than waiting two more months.

Most of all, I’m so excited to be focusing more on my art, which is what I wanted all along but didn’t quite realize until working with you.

— Julie

I was trying to shift my business model to cater to individuals in academia rather than universities, but was having trouble unraveling how I could keep the parts of my business I like while getting rid of the parts I don’t.

By starting with seemingly vague Qualities, Victoria guided me toward a very specific understanding of what kinds of activities and projects I need to be happy in my business.

She really helped me clarify what I’m passionate about, and how that fits with who I want to serve and the needs those people have.

Within a few days of my second session with her, I had over 15 pages of notes for different products and classes I could create, and I’d contacted someone I wanted to collaborate with.

I’ve since launched a free ecourse and a paid course as joint ventures. What’s really exciting is that I feel like this has come out of knowing more about myself and what I have to offer, rather than a sense of “should” around producing a product.

— Jo VanEvery

I had been on the fence for the last few months about my plans for the next few months. Driving. Myself. Crazy.

I knew you could help me sort out a clear plan in a jiffy, because you have the right mix of practicality and compassion.

During our session, I felt very comfortable. I felt it was ok to ramble on and on, that you would listen but not become overwhelmed by it. I felt that you were interested and focused precisely on helping me get what I wanted.

Our session is still having a big influence on me, unfolding over time. We created a plan for scheduling jobs and free time that I still mentally refer to when a client calls. I haven’t used it perfectly, of course, but there’s no doubt it has reduced my sense of overwhelm and helped me enjoy work more (and find out what I enjoy when I’m not overwhelmed!).

Your suggestion that I write out my intentions for my new service also really struck me, and led me to a great insight about how I need to approach this thing to bring it much closer to my heart. I’m so excited about this!

You are just great to talk to. Sensible and sweet and frank and reliable. I don’t get ideology or motivational hot air, but I do get a concrete plan I believe in, and room to be myself.

— Anna Barnett, Editor

When I contacted Victoria for help finishing my ebook, I wasn’t sure how she’d be able to help. Every time I looked at the files on my computer, I would get incredibly anxious, as though my business would totally collapse if I didn’t have a product ready for sale on my site YESTERDAY.

The minute we got on the phone together, Victoria calmed me down. She had a way of clearing away the junk so I didn’t keep getting worked up into a panic. I came away from our sessions with a clear path to what I wanted to create. Instead of avoidance and procrastination, I had an action plan.

Victoria was like a friend who wouldn’t let me backslide. I knew in our next sessions she would want to know what I had accomplished. That accountability was huge for me. Two weeks after our third session together, I released my ebook.

I would absolutely recommend working with Victoria. If you’re stuck, it’s a small price to pay to get over a major hurdle.

— David Billings, Illustrator

When I was really frustrated with my website, I asked some Twitter friends for advice. People began offering solutions, but I realized that wasn’t the feedback I was looking for.

I have no idea how Victoria did it, but by asking a couple clarifying questions, she helped me see that the site layout wasn’t the problem. The real issue was clarity on the underlying theme of all my posts.

Rather than telling me what to do, Victoria helped me clearly see the best solution. As a result, I avoided a costly redesign. And my business has since grown because I’m so clear on my message that I can’t resist marketing myself.

Her ability to hone in on the crux of the problem so quickly really blew me away!

–Bridget Pilloud

I heart Victoria.

And I am so happy she’s officially started her coaching practice. Consider this a clear “yes, I recommend her highly” statement.

What I love about Victoria is that wonderfully steady, thoughtful, insightful way of hers. Also that she’s a total goofball. Super smart, very fun and extremely good at what she does.

— Havi Brooks

Dear Victoria,

Remember how scared I was when I began working with you? Remember how slow my business was and how I was not even making my rent? Remember how I cried and told you my scary fear of pushing my belongings around in a shopping cart? Remember how the economy sucked and I was in that icky part-time job that had me crying every week? Oh my. I felt so paralyzed and at a loss about how to move forward.

You helped me so much! We set a goal & you helped me come up with practical and implementable steps to meet it. During our weekly meetings your approach was always a wonderful blend of ideal and practical, soft and hard, compassion and pragmatism, hilarity (oh the puns!) and seriousness. (And I quit the god-awful job!)

Most of all I am grateful to you for standing right alongside me while I took all those itty-bitty-baby-steps. I could sense you cheering me on, even outside of our weekly meeting times.

I love how approachable, funny, down-to-earth, sensitive and sensible you were in your work with me.

Can I tell you that July was my best business month all year? There you go: it was! In fact, week before last I surpassed my clients/week goal by 2 people. How fantastic is that. Thank YOU! A million times thank you!

— Heidi Fischbach

Victoria’s advice and guidance gave me the confidence to act on a photo book project I had been contemplating and agonizing over for more than a year. She helped me define specific tasks and set achievable and measurable goals, which made all the difference in helping me get unstuck.

When you hire Victoria, you are choosing someone who is smart, sensitive to your needs, and supportive in every way. As a result of our work together, I completed my photo book project and submitted it for publishing just a few days after the original deadline I set for myself.

In just one session, not only did Victoria help create a plan for me to follow, she also told me to take notes on what parts of the project I liked and disliked. By doing that, I now have more detailed ideas about a potential future ittybiz!

I’ll definitely be doing more projects by adapting the road map she created for me.

My deepest, sincerest thanks to you, Victoria!

— Claire Tom

I was blown away. I was completely awed and overjoyed by Victoria’s insight, authenticity, kindness, and amazing helpfulness.

For example, I’ve been working on this one thing for what, like six years? (It’s complicated, but it has to do with getting my head and my heart to work together instead of against each other.) Victoria and I totally solved it during our second session. How ’bout that? I expected that with a mere three sessions we’d make some progress, maybe make a dent in it, but no. TOTALLY SOLVED in two.

Which meant that in session #3, she got to help me out with a totally unrelated question, wherein she helped me untangle a sticky communication problem. In case you don’t understand why this is both awesome and hilarious, I’m a communication coach (among other things) and Victoria is a life coach. And SHE was the one giving ME the communication advice. And it was very good communication advice, I must say.

Victoria has a true gift, the kind of special talent you only see once in a blue moon. The world is a better place with her as a life coach.

— Pace Smith

I started working with Victoria when I was being pulled in many different directions in my business.

Victoria helped me to identify what I wanted to accomplish, based on my own vision for an ideal work day. I decided that writing an e-book would be the next step in getting to where I want to be. After only two sessions with Victoria, I was well into the first draft of the book, and am already revising it.

I would absolutely recommend Victoria, especially to small business owners. She can help you define what it is you really want to do, and show you how to make that happen.

— Maryann Devine