Ten Facts about Me That You May or May Not Find Interesting

Inspired by Sarah Lacy, who then inspired Kelly Parkinson, I’ve decided to reveal some things about myself.

(Can I be honest and say that I’m afraid I’m revealing all my good party stories? And that if we ever meet in person, I’ll wind up telling these same stories and you’ll roll your eyes and think to yourselves, “Uh, yeah. We’ve heard this one already.”)

Also? This post is the result of me avoiding writing the post about traditions and rituals that I’ve been meaning to write.

In no particular order, I present the Facts with Varying Amounts of Interestingness.

1. I learned a lot of crafts from my grandmother, which means I did a lot of grandmother-ish crafts as a child.

I used to do needlepoint. And make beaded wire flowers. And quilling! Yes, I used to quill. Generally not something you would expect from a nine year-old.

I even used quilling in a project for school when we were studying the 13 Colonies.

(Okay, fine…this one isn’t a story I’d be likely to bust out at a cocktail party.)

2. I once was in a serious hurricane.

Her name was Marilyn. I was in St. Croix.

Electricity was out by dinner time. The eye passed over maybe 9 or 10pm, I think. I definitely remember that things got really quiet – it even stopped raining while the eye was overhead. Even though I knew it was the eye, I was crushed when the other half of the hurricane picked back up, because in the hour or so of quiet, I’d convinced myself it was over.

That was such a long night. And So. Loud. But the aftermath was really the worst, I think. Poor visibility in the water for what seemed like a week or two after the storm. And once it cleared up, the reefs were in shambles. I still feel sad when I think about that. Circle of life, shmircle of life.

3. I can’t drive a stick shift, and probably will never learn.

Well, I guess that’s not quite true. After the hurricane, I had to drive a Suzuki Samurai between the dive shop and the house. I almost wrecked it once. But the only reason I could drive it was because there were hardly any cars around (see: hurricane) and there were no hills. And I wasn’t going to have to parallel park.

So, get me to a large, flat area that’s devoid of other cars and I’ll be happy to drive stick.

4. I attended the wrap party for The Cowboy Way.

I never saw the movie, but some portion of it was filmed in Montauk on Long Island, since that’s where the party was.

That’s about all I can say about that. In writing, anyway.

5. I love the idea of dogs, but they are too stinky, slobbery and high-maintenance for me, so I’ve remained a cat person.

I’m high-maintenance enough, thankyouverymuch. And the crotch sniffing? I’ll pass.

6. I have one tattoo. Which I acquired in Bangkok, Thailand.

Looking back, probably not the wisest place to have someone stick needles into one’s body. And before anyone lectures me about all the diseases I could have caught, I got tested a couple years later when the scales of youth’s stupidity fell off my eyes.

7. I was a vegetarian for five years.

I gave it up because of #8.

8. I did a year abroad in Japan and lived with a Japanese family.

It was just easier to eat what they served than to try to explain my choices in Japanese.

9. I have a mad crush on New England accents.

I don’t have the accent, because I didn’t move to New Hampshire until I was 12. And I hated the accent when I was there. I thought it was so ugly.

But now that I moved away, I love hearing it. It’s utterly beautiful to me.

10. A tarot reading changed my life.

Might sound melodramatic, but it really, really was that reading that set me on the path I’m on now. Up to that point, I’d been too scared to try anything new, for fear that I’d be bad at it or not like it. And that was in spite of reading Barbara Sher and Martha Beck, and working with a coach.

Although I’d heard it before, one of the things he said was, “Life is not a dress rehearsal.”

Perhaps a bit cliche, but somehow that helped things click and a month later I started my life coach training.

There you have it.

Wow. I think this was probably the most fun I’ve had writing a blog post since my blog was born! Much gratitude to Sarah and Kelly for inspiring this!

How about you guys? Care to participate? Leave a random or bizarre fact in the comments, or write your own post and link to it here so we can all enjoy!

Happy holidays, everyone. Thanks for being here.

12 thoughts on “Ten Facts about Me That You May or May Not Find Interesting

  1. elizabeth

    That was fun to read! Your dog thing made me laugh .. because the old me (who would have nothing to do with dogs and didn’t even like the idea of dogs thankyouverymuch) looks at this me in horror. Especially since this me still doesn’t like dog slobber and definitely does not want to be licked.
    .-= elizabeth´s last blog ..wishing you every blessing =-.

    1. Victoria Post author

      Wow, Elizabeth! I never would have guessed you were anti-slobber and anti-dog-licks! Maybe that means there’s hope for me, yet!

    1. Victoria Post author

      Welcome, Leah! So glad you stopped by. And I can’t wait to read some random facts about you, too! (Once I published this post, I kept thinking of more, so I started a list to do a 2nd installment in a while. It’s kind of addictive.)

  2. Kelly Parkinson

    This is a wonderful list. I think it’s smart of you to avoid dogs. Not to mix my metaphors, but the stink is NOT an acquired taste. Mine just has this PermaStink in his mouth of mysterious origin. We tried the Poultry-Flavored Toothpaste this weekend–that did not work. Plus with his severe underbite, the stink is constantly extroverted. And he farts a lot. I won’t tell you any of the truly stinky stories. Some stinks are best forgotten!

    1. Victoria Post author

      Thanks for that reality check, Kelly, because I often wonder if I could acquire the taste of canine PermaStink.

      There are some seriously stinky stories of feline PermaStink in our family, but really it’s a completely different scale. A 10 on the FPS (Feline PermaStink) scale is probably at most a 7 on the CPS scale.

  3. Andrew Lightheart @alightheart

    Oh my god! I’m about to use loads of exclamation points!

    ~ I used to quill! (Aged about 11 – it was the only craft I was immediately good at and started making custom cards – how did my mother not know I was gay? – I mean, seriously…)

    ~ I was in the eye of hurricane Aleisha! (in the walk in closet with the candles and the battery-operated radio and the hurricane-tracking chart on the brown paper grocery bag and everything!)

    Damn. That’s my NEXT year’s quota of exclamation points pretty much used up.

    Ah well, worth it to find out our secret selves were separated at birth.

    ~ I can’t stand the dog-slobber!
    .-= Andrew Lightheart @alightheart´s last blog ..How to make sure you fight at Christmas =-.

    1. Victoria Post author

      Wow it really does seem as though we were separated at birth. Who knew?!?

      I’m honored you saw fit to use such a large portion of your exclamation point quota here, but I think I’m most excited that you are a fellow former-quiller-and-hurricane-eye-experiencer.

      I must say, though…it never occurred to me to make custom cards with quilling. Maybe I should pick it back up for next year’s holiday cards? Does *anybody* quill anymore?

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  5. TLC Inspirations {Rachel}

    Well, I found it interesting. Thank you for sharing! I may have to steal your idea. I actually wrote something similar on Facebook a few months back and I really enjoyed writing it. It causes reflection…and some reminiscing, lol.

    Isn’t “quilling” that craft where you twirl strips of paper to create things?
    .-= TLC Inspirations {Rachel}´s last blog ..Top 10 Things I Learned this Christmas =-.

  6. Mysterious Kyeli Birthday Surprise Commenter

    Happy birthday, Kyeli! Email “The ninja knits at midnight” to __v.bess@sbcglobal.net, where __ is the first two letters of the store you keep in business single-handedly.

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