Survey Results and Better Tasters

Just over two weeks ago I asked for responses to a survey about what kind of help and support you need to get more of your projects done.

I received over 40 responses (thank you!), and lots of you were kind enough to say I could follow up with you. And you took the time to elaborate on your selections – super helpful.

I thought you might like to know what I learned.

(Be sure to read to the end, since I’ve already used the survey data to create something new.)

What I learned about you

I know most of you probably aren’t data-geeks to the degree I am, so here are the highlights:

Your biggest obstacles to getting your project completed are:

  • Having too many ideas
  • Feeling overwhelmed at how to get started
  • Staying committed so you can finish what you start

What you most want to learn about managing projects:

  • How to make consistent progress despite your busy-ness
  • How to create a plan you can follow
  • How to deal with the fear and anxiety

The two most popular learning methods were Self-Study (ebooks, audio, etc.) and Group Coaching. In fact nearly 75% of you said you wanted a group coaching option.

You preferred the fun course name of (Project Makeover: Get Unstuck and Get That Project DONE) waaay more than the serious name (How to Plan and Complete a Successful Project). I’m not even a little bit surprised by that.

What was slightly surprising was that although over 50% of you said you have trouble deciding which project to focus on, only 30% indicated you’d want to learn how to choose which project to complete.

Among the people who elaborated on what they need, a lot mentioned the emotional aspects of creating stuff – fear and lack of self-trust. Interestingly, the “Who Do You Think You Are?” monster made more than one appearance.

Though many of you tend to get stuck at different places along the “project completion continuum” (must find a better name for that!), you definitely want to get more stuff created for your people.

What I learned about the survey process itself

The way I structured my questions (and my desire to keep the survey short) led to some responses that didn’t tell me as much as they could have.

For example, a few people checked topics they wanted to learn, and obstacles that kept them stuck, but then answered that they’d be unlikely to sign up for either of the class titles I listed. It would have helped to know why.

It’s tricky to find that sweet spot of getting enough information but not overwhelming people with a million questions.

I’m really happy with the information I was able to gather, though. And I’m not sure if I’d do things significantly differently next time, because “question design” is something I could easily get sucked into. At some point, it’s better to just get the survey out there than to keep obsessing over the questions.

Where I’m going from here

I’m still finalizing the details, but since nearly 75% of you said you want a group coaching option, I’ll definitely be including that in the program I’m working on right now, which I’ll be launching in the next couple of weeks.

(Are you part of the Shmorian Society, yet? They’ll be the first to know. Just sayin’.)

In the meantime, however, I’ve created something based on the survey results.

Want to be a Better Taster?

I’ve decided that I’m not looking for Beta Testers, I’m looking for Better Tasters.

As in, you get an early taste of something I’ve created (at a hefty discount), and you help me make it better by sharing your feedback as we go along. Get it?

Based on what I learned in the survey, I created the Project Prowess Package to help you go from idea to finished creation more easily, while enjoying yourself more in the process.

The sooner you get moving on that project, the sooner it will get done. And the sooner it gets done, the sooner it can start helping your people and bringing in the monies.

Sound good? Then I hope you’ll check out the details, because there are only two spots remaining.