Supporting Your Vision Part 1 – Qualities & Spending

Earlier this week, I shared the questions I asked myself when I was trying to come up with my business vision for 2010.

The questions help you to go from the soft of qualities, needs and desires to the hard of how to apply it in the real world. To go from vision to reality. That’s really what my course is about, too.

Last time, we chose projects that would support us in our No-Brainer set of qualities.

Another place we can look at to support our No-Brainer set of qualities is in where we spend our money. We can make spending choices that will support our vision and increase our desired qualities, or that will take us further away from what we really want.

Big fat caveat

Money and spending are areas that can be full of triggers for people. Sometimes there’s shame and fear and avoidance.

It’s okay.

It’s important to treat this exercise as information gathering. You have my permission to look at it but not change anything you’re doing at the moment. In fact, I really don’t want you to think about changing anything right now.

Because this absolutely is not about whipping your spending into shape or cutting all the fun out of your life because it costs money.

This is simply about noticing. Exploring the idea that some small changes could make a big impact in your sense that you really can bring your vision into reality (which is all about clarity and sovereignty).

Once you’re clear about what you’re spending and why, you might find that some things are easy to change. But you won’t know until you get clear first.

Two ways to look at spending

When looking at where your money is going, or could go, it’s helpful to consider it from two directions.

1. From Qualities to Spending – What kinds of things could I put my money toward that would increase the qualities I’m wanting? (If you don’t know why I keep mentioning “qualities”, reading this post should help.)

2. From Spending to Qualities – What qualities are the things I currently invest in bringing? Are there better ways to bring those qualities into my life?

And for the purposes of this exercise, it’s going to be easier if you start with non-essential spending – entertainment, for example. But this exercise could be used for non-essential business spending, too. (Which begs the question, “What qualifies as essential?” But I’m not going there today.)

Today’s post will focus on going from Qualities to Spending.

Questions you can ask yourself (with my own answers)

What are the qualities you want more of?

For me, it was Connection, Creativity, Fun, Stability, Safety and Sovereignty.

What are you currently investing in that increases those qualities?

My work with Hiro definitely helps with a lot of the qualities – especially in learning how to increase my sense of sovereignty and safety as I navigate this entrepreneurial adventure. It’s a huge part of my self-care and my business-care.

Being a member of the Havi‘s Kitchen Table program increases connection (among other things) for me.

What other things, if you chose to spend money on them, would bring more of those qualities into your life?

In my personal life, I’m thinking about some kind of artsy class I could get involved in, which would (in theory) increase connection, fun and creativity.

For my business, I could join a paid membership site in hopes of increasing connection, but that doesn’t feel like what I actually need to do right now.

I’ve also considered increasing connection by investing in a video camera to record video blog posts.

Sidebar: If you listed Support as one of your qualities, you might think in terms of hiring a VA for your business. Expansion and Flow are other qualities that might increase by outsourcing some of your work.

Of the spending you listed (both current and potential), which ones make you feel excited? Where do you feel you’re getting (or would get) the most bang for your buck?

What I’m noticing is that the things I’m most excited about are the things I’m already doing – hanging out at the Kitchen Table and working with Hiro.

When I think about the potential options of taking an art class or buying a video camera, I feel some resistance come up.

For the class, I need to figure out my No-Brainer Scenario and turn that into a Very Personal Ad to help me find it, so that I don’t get bogged down in why it won’t work.

For the video camera, I think I was more excited about video posts a couple of months ago, for whatever reason. The idea probably came up now because I was remembering that I was excited about it.

I’m noticing that most of the qualities that I’m wanting in my business aren’t things I can buy right now. They’re things I need to create. I’m going to ponder that some more, especially if I get tempted to buy another information product.

Until next time…

We’ll see what comes up when I look at my actual spending and ask what qualities it brings or what needs it helps to meet.

What about you?

I’d love for you to come play by answering the questions in the comments. What are the qualities you’re wanting more of? What could you spend your money on to help increase them in your life and business?

Enjoying this process of using qualities to direct your investments of time, money and energy? My upcoming course will be using the same approach to help you get clarity and create structure in your business. I’m offering a $200 early-bird discount until February 11. You can get the details here.

4 thoughts on “Supporting Your Vision Part 1 – Qualities & Spending

  1. Hiro Boga

    Victoria, it’s wonderful to think of priorities in spending by considering the qualities that are important to me, and how I can allocate my money to receive more of them.

    I’ll have to think about this for a while to come up with a more complete list, but some of the qualities I want in my life are: stability; support; sovereignty; connection; creative play; humor and love.

    Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom in such a loving and practical way. Your course is going to be amazing.

    Love, Hiro
    .-= Hiro Boga´s last blog ..Responsibility Troll, Meet the Angel of Responsibility =-.

  2. David

    You know what I didn’t see on your list? A logo design. And you know what? That makes me really happy.

    So often I talk to people who are just starting their business and the first thing on their list of things to invest in is stuff like biz cards, logo, letterhead, etc.

    Especially if you have an online business, those things can wait. Wait!

    Investing in things that will help you create the thing you really love (like Havi and Hiro) are so much more valuable in the beginning.

    I did it backwards (which is partly how I know. Fail!). So now I’m looking to invest in things that will help me connect with people and create the stuff that will affect change for my people.
    .-= David´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

  3. elizabeth

    I love this. I will definitely have to think about it more over the weekend.

    My quick list is sovereignty, safety, movement (I don’t think that’s a quality, but I am not sure what quality reflects it – I need some sort of quality around honoring myself and my need around movement and self-care, maybe sovereignty would cover it), creativity, play, connection, love, kindness. It also tells me that the things I do want to invest in as I move into self-employment are the right ones: yoga, self-care, and there are a few people I want to work with. There is also an African drumming class that I have been really wanting to take, but the timing is never right; that would totally fit with lots of my qualities!

    Actually, that list tells me that it is time for my temporary break from volunteering to be over. Wow, I really love this way of looking at things via using qualities. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    .-= elizabeth´s last blog ..for josiane =-.

  4. Victoria Post author

    @Hiro – I love the qualities you’ve chosen! Yay for Humor!

    @David – Mr Paaaants! It’s so true! There was a time when I really wanted the logo and the business cards (and they still come up now and then). But once I started looking at the qualities I was wanting and needing, it was pretty clear those things wouldn’t really help. And it’s so much easier to forego unnecessary spending when you know why you’re not spending.

    @Elizabeth – Sometimes I don’t know what the “correct” underlying quality is for what I’m wanting, either…for movement maybe it’s “support”? But I think it’s more important to name it in whatever way is meaningful for you, rather than worrying about what’s right. And it’s funny that you mention African drumming. In college I had the opportunity to take a Ghanaian drumming class (for credit, no less!) but I didn’t do it because I was too self-conscious. To this day I regret it!

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