Soul Conversations

What is the source of your deepest wisdom and truth?

It’s your soul.

Your soul is the truest, real-est, bad-ass-est version of you. It’s the You who doesn’t shrink away from what you want, or shrivel to please others. It’s the You who feels 100% compassion, acceptance and appreciation for your entire self.

When I need a dose of wisdom, I invite my soul to have a conversation with me.

Yes, a literal conversation. In writing.

Then one fateful day (said with dramatic flourish, of course), I asked my soul if I could do this for other people, and my soul said yes.

I would love to help you access your deepest wisdom by asking your soul the questions you have.

One person described the experience as “an affirmation of the biggest sort, a hug from the Universe, the GPS to your purpose.”

Another person said:

Watching you have this little conversation with my soul, and hearing my soul talking to me through you, was like having a dear dear friend tell me all the things I needed to hear, but in a much more precious way, because I don’t know you, you’re just the “middle man” (or woman!) for my deeper self to be saying these things to me. There was a real sense of power and healing in hearing those words being channeled through you but really from deep within myself.

Who this is for

  • You have a question that you would like to receive your own deeper wisdom on
  • You are open to the question being answered in unexpected ways
  • You’d like to place more trust in your soul and what it has to say to you

Where you’ll wind up

  • You’ll experience a deep sense of connection to your soul, so you’ll second-guess yourself less
  • You’ll know what you need to focus on to move forward
  • You’ll make choices that are more aligned with what you truly want

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up to have Victoria talk with my soul, but since I was struggling with a transition I was making in my work, I decided to try it.

When I read what Victoria sent back to me, it felt like a homecoming, like being able to discuss a problem with my mom and get her wise counsel.

My soul made it clear that I didn’t need to feel like a failure for changing directions, and I didn’t need to rush to decide what was next. I feel much more at ease now with not knowing what’s next. My soul helped me see that trying new things, even if they don’t work out, is part of the learning process, and will eventually lead me to the next step.

— Miranda

I’m not a very ‘woo’ person. I respect ‘woo’ but I can’t quite get there most of the time. So I was a bit twitchy about asking Victoria for a soul conversation but I wanted to settle my mind on something so I figured it couldn’t hurt.

I confess, I was hoping for magical, definitive answers, but my soul basically said that I already knew what I needed to know.

That was pretty frustrating – I think my exact words to Victoria were, ‘My soul is a jerk.’ At the same time though, there was a strange sort of comfort in it, a good reminder that I didn’t need to keep looking for the ‘right’ answer, I had to act.

Over the next few days, I answered my own call to action. I published some of my writing online, joined several professional organizations, and, I developed the outline for a class I plan to teach.

I get in my own way so often, it was a relief to have help to tune into the heart – or soul, I guess – of my question and get to a more peaceful brainspace.

Victoria tuned into something – from my question, from the universe, from her own wisdom, or from the energy I put out there – and she came back with what was ultimately a very satisfying answer.

If you are befuddled, or aching for an answer that seems just out of reach, you should let Victoria have a chat with your soul.

Everyone deserves an experience like this.

— Christine Hennebury

*** Soul Conversations are undergoing some remodeling, but will be available again soon! The best way to be the first to know when they re-launch is to sign up to receive emails from me here. ***

Want to see an actual conversation first? Click here to reveal a snippet of the conversation I had with my own soul, about this offering. (Lines with an asterisk are my soul talking to me.)

what do people need to know about how this works?
* they need to know that their souls love them and want to connect with them. and that their souls want to support them by answering their questions.

what kind of questions can people ask?
* any soul-level question

what’s a soul-level question?
* a question that souls care about

and what do souls care about?
* they care about purpose and potential and hearts. they want everyone to feel good in their own skin. they want people to see their own beauty and power, and to remember who they really are. they want everyone to be themselves and not shrink or shrivel to please others.

so how can people choose the right question to ask?
* they can ask themselves what kind of information would help them feel loved and supported. they can ask for guidance. they can ask where to focus, or how to stop struggling with things.

what else do people need to know about these conversations?
* sometimes they meander, and sometimes they’re direct, but they’re always loving and supportive. it’s important to be open to the support that’s there, and not demand the support to show up in a certain way.

how can people make the best use of the answers they receive?
* be open. even if it feels a little scary, trust that the foundation of the answer is love. even if they just set the intention to implement the answers, it will happen. even if they can’t see how to do it right now.

who are these conversations for?
* anyone who is willing to connect with their own soul in a new and deeper way than before. and for people who want to be more of who they really are.

is there anything else people need to know?
* that the conversation will help them move forward on their path, but that doesn’t always look like direct progress. but we promise, it is progress. these conversations are full of love and support.

is this conversation that you and i just had meant to share with others?
* yes, it will help people see what a conversation with a soul looks like

is there any part that shouldn’t be shared?
* you can share it all if you want. is there a part you don’t want to share?

no, i guess not. it feels a bit scary.
* it’s okay for it to be scary. sharing deeply in this way will help others feel safe to ask their souls questions.

okay, i’m going to trust you on this.
* i’m glad.

You may be wondering…

How do I choose the best question to ask?
Regardless of what you ask, you will get wisdom from your soul (so in that sense, it doesn’t matter what question you choose). But the most satisfying wisdom will come if you ask the question you truly want the answer to. In other words, try not to censor your question based on whether you think it’s unworthy or frivolous and therefore not one you “should” ask.

If it’s something you sincerely want to hear from your soul about, that’s the way to go. Give yourself as much permission as you can to ask the question you want to ask.

How detailed will my soul’s answer be?
It varies, but it’s not about word-count. It’s about connecting with deeper truths that you may not be fully conscious of. It’s about receiving confirmation and/or a broader perspective. Your responsibility is to ask the question you truly want to ask. My responsibility is to show up and talk with your soul about what you’ve asked, and then pass what I heard back to you without adding to it or taking away from it.

If you ask what you should do with your life, you probably won’t get a specific career choice as an answer, but you will get guidance that will support you if you’re willing to put some trust in what your soul has to say.

Do I need to do anything after submitting the question?
Nope! I take care of it from that point on. No need to be doing anything like meditation or yoga at the specific time I’m talking with your soul; you can just go about your business. Then, just soak up the goodness of the conversation when I send it over, and let me know if you want to do a follow-up question.

If you have other questions about this offering that I haven’t covered here, please ask me by emailing me (victoria at victoria brouhard dot com) or by using the form on my contact page.