Retreeeeeeat! Mind Blown, Site Launched

This past weekend, I was in North Carolina at Havi’s Dance of Shiva retreat.

I’m almost (but not quite) speechless.

It was that good.

All about patterns and how to unravel them and work on them and change them. If you feel like it.

I actually have this little pattern where I sign up for a class or conference or retreat, and my expectations wind up ridiculously high about what kind of impact it will have on my life. Of course, that usually leads to disappointment when I go back home and things have changed a little but not much.

I told myself that, if nothing else, I’ll have the opportunity to work on that pattern, if things wound up being not all I had hoped.

As it turns out, though, working on that pattern will have to wait for some other opportunity. Because the retreat was far from disappointing.

I wrote here about how I was struggling with some fears about launching my business, and it was manifesting itself as an inability to reach “good enough” with my website design.

And how I was going to focus on giving Hedgehog Girl what she needed to feel safe.

A lot of shifting happened around that little issue.

Three really big things I got out of the retreat:

1. Again isn’t really again.

I got really frustrated with myself during the first part of the retreat, as I became more aware that I was feeling scared again. Scared to launch my website, scared to own (publicly) that I’m a coach.

Why can’t I just get past that already?

I mean, didn’t Hedgehog Girl and I come to an understanding?

And I asked Havi whether the fact that the fear came up again meant that I was missing something. Or doing something wrong or failing to address the true need beneath the fear.

And her answer was that even though it feels the same, it’s not really the same. There’s always something about it that’s different.

When I thought about it, it’s true. For example, when I start feeling scared, I’m able to remember to be compassionate with myself much more quickly now than I was even a few months ago.

2. Give yourself (and receive from yourself) credit for all of it.

It is so easy to forget how much progress has been made, but when I look back over the last three months, six months, year, a lot has changed.

I’m not so good with the self-credit dispensing.

3. A deep awareness of the awesome support network I have.

To me, it felt like I was going on and on about the same crap I’ve struggled with for years around being a coach.

But everyone was so encouraging, and reminded me that they are here to help and support me as I launch this new venture.

What a gift to have a group of friends who don’t ask you, “Are you still whining about all that?”

Joining the Kitchen Table this year has seriously been a huge part of all the progress I’ve made, and I wouldn’t be doing this now without the support of every one of those awesome Tablers.

So here it is.

My new website, complete with pages about what I do and how people can hire me. Oh – and an updated About page!

Am I still scared? Hell yeah.

But I’m more scared of how I’ll feel if I don’t get this party started.

Let’s celebrate together!

As a way to party it up and celebrate this ginormous step I’m taking, I want to offer a special price on coaching packages.

Between now and September 18, for the first six people who sign up, three-session packages will be available for $240 – that’s 20% off the normal package price.

Check out my Is This for You? page to see if you are one of my Right People, or check out my About page to learn more about me. If it feels right, head on over to the Contact page to schedule a short phone chat, and then we’ll schedule the first session!

Just want to ask a question? Feel free to contact me for that, too! Or post in the comments…

Comment Zen:
This is a big, scary move for me, so please no advice giving or critiquing.
Cheers and happy dances gratefully accepted.

24 thoughts on “Retreeeeeeat! Mind Blown, Site Launched

  1. Hiro Boga

    Victoria, YAY! You launched your website!! I’m so excited and thrilled for you, I can hardly sit still long enough to type this.

    Your site is lovely–simple, elegant, and beautiful, just like you.

    Congratulations. Thank you for bringing your self and your gifts into the world in this whole new way.

    Much love, Hiro
    .-= Hiro Boga´s last blog ..Car Wash Rainbow =-.

  2. Lisa

    Congratulations on your website and beginning to own your vision of yourself… you are an inspiration to me as I struggle with many of the same issues (the coaching part of my website still says “coming soon”… but not for long!).
    I wish you success on your journey!!
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Creativity= bringing imagination into focus. =-.

  3. Beverly

    Yay for not letting fear keep you from giving your gift to the world. I’m inspired by your courage and honesty. You’re a great role model!

  4. Fabeku

    Yay! Yay! Yay!

    You’ve done a huge thing. A huge, awesome, wonderful, going-to-benefit-tons-of-your-Right-People thing. And I’m really excited for you. And for the people who get to benefit from your brilliance.

    Your site is fabulous. The words. The sights. The colors. Absolutely delicious.

    I will now proceed to happy dance like a fool.
    .-= Fabeku´s last blog ..The Sex Pistols Are Spiritual Too =-.

  5. Eileen

    Yay! And congratulations!! *looks around, admires surroundings*

    I think we need to build a “self-credit dispenser.” Would make things sooo much easier, no?

    Lots of love to you my dear ~ E.
    .-= Eileen ´s last blog ..Postcard from the edge =-.

  6. Jessica

    I was so excited to see your Tweet about the site being ready; it looks absolutely fantastic. And how did I miss before that you’re in Glendale–my uncle lived there for nearly 20 years. Something that really helped me with that same feeling of “haven’t I been here in this same spot before” was a call Grace Judson did about how such things aren’t the circle they feel like they are, but rather they’re a 3D spiral–so, yes in some ways it’s the same spot, but you’ve actually made a lot more progress than it sometimes feels like you have (and I have probably misquoted her on that, but I’ve found it helpful nonetheless).

    Congratulations on the launch!
    .-= Jessica´s last blog ..How a Slip ‘N Slide = Phenominal Branding Power =-.

    1. Victoria Post author

      Ooh…I love the spiral idea.

      Will definitely be pondering that because it’s such a beautiful way to visualize the same-but-different-ness of our progress.

      Thank you for sharing that nugget!

  7. Bridget Pilloud

    As somebody who doesn’t know you, I want to tell you that your blog and website and skill set come off as vibrant and smart !

    And I am getting the idea that you are going to be pretty damn successful with this.

    So Kudos to you!
    .-= Bridget Pilloud´s last blog ..On Hiatus =-.

  8. Kelly Parkinson

    Victoria, I want to personally fill your self-credit dispenser with 10 pounds of support gumballs and a big, chocolatey Hell Yeah!!! Congratulations! This is the beginning of a whole series of AGAINs…but the BEST kind of AGAIN there is! Getting a client, again. Feeling good about your business, again. Making a difference in someone’s life, again. Yay, you!

  9. Gina

    You got a ton of yays, so let’s see. Whoop de doo!! I remember, too, how you were expressing some of that fear stuff around biggi-fying. I’m finding that fear can also mean, “Yep, You’re on the right track. Now take another step, dammit.” What do ya think?

    :) Good for you. And heck, Yay for Shiva Nata!
    .-= Gina´s last blog ..Hello, My Name Is… =-.

  10. Connie

    Wahooo!!! It looks and feels fabulous!!! I love it!

    You are an incredible chica…offering the world an incredible gift…big things are coming…I feel it!! And I’m super excited for you!!


    Peace & Love.
    .-= Connie´s last blog ..BIG =-.

  11. Kim Wood

    Awesomeness plus!! Congratulations on taking this huge, scary step. Now that you’re here, your right people will find you. Happy dancing all round!

  12. Elizabeth

    I love the bit about it not being the same even though it feels the same. Will hope to remember it in those moments.

    Yay! Yay! Yay! Congratulations on your new site – and moving beyond your fears. The site looks fantastic!
    .-= Elizabeth´s last blog ..a jar full of delight =-.

  13. Victoria Post author


    Can I just say that again? Wow.

    I am utterly overwhelmed by all the cheering and happy dancing from each and every one of you.

    I really can’t thank you enough for such an amazing “site-warming” party! It’s been so great to be able to share the celebration with such an awesome group of friends.

  14. Julie Stuart

    Okay, I’m late to the party but we can still celebrate, yes? I’m so proud of you. Your bravery is inspiring!

    Your copy is fabulous and so clear. You’re going to attract people like crazy with it.

    I wish you the very best. Here’s to your brand new baby! *clinks glasses*

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