My Own Itty Bitty Personal Ad

For over a week now, I’ve been meaning to write a certain personal ad.

The idea was inspired by Havi’s post where she wrote personal ads for some things she wants and needs.

(Yes, her first mention of personal ads was much longer ago, but the situation I’m writing an ad for didn’t exist then. And, sometimes it takes a while for things to sink in, you know?)

The background

My husband and I own an investment property. A rental house. In Phoenix. Some of you may be very aware that the Phoenix real estate market has taken a big dump over the last several months.

The unfortunate thing is, we bought this house after selling another rental, and we intended to own this house for only a few years and then sell it and not invest in real estate anymore.

We have lost approaching six figures in equity. In order to sell it right now, we would probably have to write someone a sizable check.

The house has been vacant for over two months, and even if we can rent it out at our asking rate, we’ll be at a monthly loss.

So, yeah, we’re a little bit hosed right now.

There was a time several months ago where I was in serious crying-uncontrollably freak-out mode over the realization that had we just sold the last house and not bought this one, we would be much better off.

Havi’s Emergency Calming Techniques was part of my daily regimen for a while. I’ll write more about that soon.

Once Havi posted again today about her personal ads, and invited people to add their own ads to the comments, I realized the red carpet had been rolled out and it was time to get this ad written.

So off we go…

My Personal Ad

Here’s what I want

An immediate buyer or a lease-purchase tenant for our house in sunny Phoenix, AZ.

If you’re an immediate buyer (listing here), you will make a serious offer that will allow us to get this property off our plate without having to sell a kidney to do it. The check we would write would be $5000 or less.

If you’re wanting to rent for a while before you buy (listing here), you are conscientious, and looking for a home to enjoy and care for. You are willing to demonstrate that you have sufficient, stable income, good references and a history of paying on time. You are also willing to show that you are doing what’s necessary to be able to buy the property within two years.

Ways this could happen

You could follow one of the links above and contact our realtor.

You might hear about the house from a friend who read this post, and contact our realtor.

You might already be working with a realtor, who could find our property in the MLS, and your realtor could contact our realtor.

(Are you sensing a theme? One way or another, I need you to get in touch with our realtor, because the house is on a lockbox, and we  have an agreement with her that she is our agent.)

My commitment

I will consider serious offers and applications thoughtfully and objectively, and do my best to be open to creative ways of making this work.

I will stop and meditate or apply other destuckifying techniques if I feel I’m not approaching this process with an open mind.

I will continue to be grateful that a vacant rental property is not completely devastating our finances, and newly grateful for each person who considers buying our property.

Whew. That felt pretty good. So let’s see what happens!

10 thoughts on “My Own Itty Bitty Personal Ad

  1. Eileen

    I love the tone of this ad and I have my fingers crossed that everything goes just right for you guys! Here’s hoping that the ideal buyer feels all the love and support coming their way as they find their way to their new right home :)

    Lots of love ~ E.

  2. Rosaland

    Great ad and great idea! Sending you good and prosperous energy for your endeavor. If I thought I could afford it, I would go for it myself, tired of living in an apartment. The person(s) you find will be perfect.

    Rosaland’s last blog post..Theme Thursday – Mindfulness

  3. Molly Gordon

    Wonderful! We built a spec house some years back. We got greedy and declined the first offer, which would have left us solvent but with little profit. Eight months later we sold at a loss. The good news? All it took to sell was an email to abt 60 folks I know locally.

    Blessings and good luck!

  4. Natalia

    Wow, my mother is going through the saaaaame thing. She has been for a couple of years or so, since the FL real estate market imploded. So I know what you mean about real estate-induced freak-outs!

    I hope very much that the situation gets straightened out in an awesome way very very soon!!! And may you find peace of mind ASAP.

    You will be successful :)

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