It’s Here, Let’s Celebrate!

I’ve been working on my No-Brainer Scenario ebook for a little over three months now.

The past few days have been about finishing the somewhat tedious tasks that are needed to make a product available.

Shopping cart buttons, zip files, creating PDFs, editing and converting sound files, sales page tweaks.

Yesterday I got to the point where every last task on my project to-do list was done.

Except one.

This blog post.

I had started a few posts, but it always felt forced so I’d set it aside for later.

But once you get to the end of your task list, there is no more later.

I managed not to panic, and instead asked my ebook what it wanted me to write.

It said, “Tell them why you love me.”
“Okay. What about it?” I replied.
“You tell me.”

And that made me laugh because I wanted it to tell me why I love it, and it wasn’t going to cut me any slack.

(Aside: I found that whole exchange interesting because I’ve been aware all along that I love this project. And yet it was challenging to articulate it in terms of “I love it because…”)

So I sat with that and here’s what came to me:

I love this ebook because it’s beautifully simple and helpful in a loving and compassionate way.

It’s simple because the technique is easy to remember, and has only four steps.

It’s loving and compassionate because you can start where ever you are. There are no radical changes required. It’s gentle. And meant to be used with curiosity.

I’m so thankful for the help I received along the way that allowed this ebook project to flourish. Special thanks to Hiro, Fabeku, Sandra, and Maryann.

My wish for this ebook is that it will be a starting point in helping you exercise your power to choose and create the things you want for your life.

Without further ado, allow me to present The No-Brainer Scenario: A Simple Tool for Powerful Clarity.

Please join me in celebrating! Virtual cake and champagne all around!

6 thoughts on “It’s Here, Let’s Celebrate!

  1. Victoria Post author

    Thanks for joining in the celebration, Hiro, Lori-Ann, Elizabeth and Simone!

    (And the idea of self-cleaning confetti totally made me laugh! New biz idea, anyone?)

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