Is This for You?

My coaching clients are smart, passionate, sensitive individuals yearning to create (or expand) their entrepreneurial life.

What is an entrepreneurial life? A life in which you are deeply attuned to your dreams, your passions, and the work that nourishes your soul. A life in which you can build a thriving business with clear vision and confident action. A life in which you choose your own measures of success, even if that means leaving “social norms” behind.

Does that seem too much to ask? It’s not, but many people get stuck along the way…

Are you stuck in one of these situations?

You know you want something more – you just don’t know what it is.

It’s a hollow kind of feeling you’re noticing more and more frequently. Everyone’s talking about this ‘follow your bliss’ thing and you think it may have something to do with it, but you’re not sure what your ‘bliss’ is, or even how to find it.

You’ve got a secret dream, but your current career is too successful to give up.

It’s too crazy to consider, right? You’ve invested a lot of time and effort to get where you are. Sure it doesn’t make you jump-up-and-down-happy, but that’s just how it goes. After all, what would your family and friends think if you gave it all up to chase a dream?

You know what you want, but damn it’s HARD to get started.

Your vision is big. When you think about making it happen, you start to sweat, and get overwhelmed by how far you have to go, and freaked out about where to begin, and then you wonder, “who the hell do I think I am to have such a big dream?”

It’s happening! Now, if only you could let go of the old stuff.

Your old job. Long-standing clients that aren’t a good fit. Tired patterns of behavior. It’s hard to let go because it’s what you know – it feels safe. But you know you could be stepping into something so much better, so much closer to what you really want, if you could just let go of the old stuff that’s holding you back.

Are you ready for change?

I know it’s scary.

(You’re talking to a woman who realized one day that her decade long IT career was making her miserable. I was terrified. But after years of denial, I knew I was more terrified to go on living so utterly disconnected from my heart and my creativity.)

If you’re ready to connect deeply with your own heart, to honor your unique vision, and to develop a step-by-step plan to create your entrepreneurial life – I can help.

How we’ll work

We’ll start wherever you are. Yeah, I know that sounds cliched, but it’s true. We’ll create a safe place to see clearly where you are (guaranteed judgment-free zone). Then we’ll move on to where you want to be (don’t worry if you don’t know where that is yet), and look at what might be getting in the way of your dreams.

Once we know where we’re going, it’s time to make a plan. I’m not going to leave you hanging, with a big dream and no way to make it happen. This is where my former existence as a left-brain-computer-nerd finally pays off. Researching, analyzing, strategizing, prioritizing, systemizing – we’ll do whatever is needed to build a manageable action plan that works for you.

Rinse and repeat. As you work through your plan, you’re probably going to come up against a few roadblocks. Sometimes that means we need to adjust our action plan. Often, it means we need to stop doing, and take a moment to reconnect with where you are and what you need.

Sound good?

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