If You Could Ask Your Soul One Question, What Would It Be?

A few years ago, I started having conversations with my soul. I would ask it questions about where I should focus, and why I was struggling with certain things.

I found that if I wrote out the conversation, I was able to get out of my own way, and I was writing answers that couldn’t have come from my brain.

Recently I started experimenting with talking to other people’s souls. The asker would submit a question, I’d ask the person’s soul about it, and then pass along the text of the conversation to the asker.

These Soul Conversations have been resonating deeply with the askers.

One person described the experience as “an affirmation of the biggest sort, a hug from the Universe, the GPS to your purpose.”

Another person said:

Watching you have this little conversation with my soul, and hearing my soul talking to me through you, was like having a dear dear friend tell me all the things I needed to hear, but in a much more precious way, because I don’t know you, you’re just the “middle man” (or woman!) for my deeper self to be saying these things to me. There was a real sense of power and healing in hearing those words being channeled through you but really from deep within myself.

My soul and I want to do more of this, so I’ve decided to open this up for beta testing.

Who this is for

  • You have a question that you would like to receive your own deeper wisdom on
  • You are open to the question being answered in unexpected ways
  • You’d like to place more trust in your soul and what it has to say to you

How much

During the beta period, I’m offering a limited number of single-question sessions for $XX. After the beta period is over, the price will likely more than double.

Here’s how it will work

1. Pay using the button below
2. Submit your question via email to me (victoria at victoria brouhard dot com)
3. I meet with your soul and ask it your question
4. I send back the transcript of our conversation for your review, usually within three business days, along with a few questions to gather some feedback about this service
5. You absorb and digest what your soul had to say, and send back the answers to the feedback questions

Ready to give it a go? Here’s the button:

One single-question Soul Conversation: $XX


You may be wondering…

What kind of question should I ask?
All sorts of questions work well. The most important thing is for it to be something you are genuinely wanting to hear from your soul about. Some people ask about their purpose, some ask about their business, some ask about next steps and where to focus their energies.

Are you really talking to my soul?
Technically, there’s no way for me to know the answer to that. However, based on the response to the answers I’ve sent back to people, I’m definitely connecting with some deeper wisdom that applies directly to the person asking the question.

Do I need to do anything after submitting the question?
Nope! I take care of it from that point on. No need to be doing anything like meditation or yoga at the specific time I’m talking with your soul; you can just go about your business. Then, just soak up the goodness of the conversation when I send it over, and respond with your feedback.

Will my soul answer any question?
The souls I’ve spoken with all have been happy to talk about the questions people asked. Sometimes the answer might not be 100% direct. If you ask what you should do with your life, you probably won’t get a specific career choice as an answer, but you will get guidance that will support you if you’re willing to put some trust in what your soul has to say.

If you have other questions about this offering that I haven’t covered here, please ask me by emailing me (victoria at victoria brouhard dot com) or by using the form on my contact page.

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