How to Go from Idea to Finished Creation Enjoyably and Sustainably

I’m thrilled to announce that Project Prowess is available again and registration is open!

I first launched this program last October with the intention of providing a safe space for you to learn how to create products and services for your people while also learning how to deal with the fear and anxiety that are part of the creative process.

The first group of projectizers made beautiful, amazing progress – much more than I expected.

Here’s some of what they accomplished in just four weeks:

  • One woman went from “going in circles” to outlining content and creating a sales page for her very first workshop
  • Another woman developed a successful holiday offer
  • Another woman thought she had no more than five pages of content for an ebook and wound up creating 20 pages of helpfulness
  • Another woman began creating her website, while learning how to honor what her body needs in terms of rest and relaxation

If you’ve been wanting to write an ebook, create a class or e-course, or even build a new web home for your biz, now’s the time.

I’ve gathered the best tools I know for both the inner work of dealing with the emotions that come up when we create something that matters to us, as well as the outer work of laying out a compatible-with-real-life project plan and getting the work done.

What’s different this time

There are two options this time around.

The Core Program

The Core Program includes four weeks of interactive calls together. (With recordings and a workbook, of course!)

Each week I’ll share a bit of theory and a practical tool or two (along with how-tos and examples), and then the rest of the time will be spent digging into your projects.

If you’ve got too many ideas, I’ll help you figure out which will be the best project for you and your biz right now – and you’ll feel confident that you’ve made the right choice.

If you’re having trouble getting started, I’ll get in there with you so you can see what needs to happen first, second and third.

If the project isn’t going as you expected, we can work on transforming it into something energizing and nourishing.

There’s also a private Facebook group page, just for you, me and the rest of the folks in the program. That way, you’ll have lots of support, even between our calls.

The Premium Option

The Premium Option is designed to help you integrate and implement. I didn’t want this to be another teleclass where you sit back and watch.

The Premium Option includes four Lab Sessions (where you and the rest of the group can work on your projects while I stand at the ready in case you get stuck – just like experiments in science class). It also includes a project plan review by me so that you will know your plan is manageable and doable.

To make sure I’m available to give plenty of additional attention, there are only 15 premium spots available.

This option is priced ridiculously low right now (several people told me it was too low), because I wanted it to be an absolute No-Brainer for you to say yes to extra support, and to have the experience of getting a project DONE.

Going from Idea to Finished Creation might feel mysterious to you. Or maybe it even feels as though there’s no rhyme nor reason as to why some projects go well and others don’t.

What I’ve learned after struggling with creating my own products and services is that completing projects successfully is a set of skills that can be learned. And the best way to learn is by practicing your skills with a real project.

Let’s take your idea and turn it into something amazing to offer your people. I know you can do it!

You can get all the details for Project Prowess right here. I hope to see you there!