Happy Birthday, Blog! (Or Taking the Step in Front of You)

Today my blog is one year old. Hard to believe – I was sure I would peter out on this effort after a few months.

I started this blog back when I still didn’t know (or couldn’t admit) I wanted to be a coach, and really had no idea where this blog would lead me.

One place it led me was to the Room of Staring Your Stuff in the Face.

Stuff like unreasonably high expectations and comparing myself to others.

There was writer’s block. And the one where I finally admitted (publicly!) that I want to be a coach.

I explored why I can’t stand calling myself a coach.

I attempted to loosen up, creativity-wise, by wrecking a journal. Which led me to explore what it means to quit a project before it’s “finished.”

I dealt with the shitstorm that is the Phoenix real estate market. Well, I’m still dealing with it, but we don’t need to talk about that now.

I was finally able to launch my redesigned website so that people could figure out that I was a coach. After much inner turmoil.

I realized my dream of quitting my job. I also discovered that it didn’t feel at all the way I fantasized it would.

Whew! That’s quite a bit…

If, at the end of 2008, someone had asked me if I’d be a full-time entrepreneur by the end of 2009, I would have said no way.

If someone had asked if I’d launch a business by the end of 2009, I would have said it was unlikely.

I’m blown away at how this year turned out.

You never know where a step might lead you.

When I started the blog, I wasn’t sure what I would write about. Or how I would (eventually) generate income from it.

All I knew for sure was that I wanted to be able to make a living without reporting to a job every day.

And I had a pretty strong suspicion that working “online” would be important for me in creating something that would support me with my introversion and HSP tendencies.

But other than that? I had no clue.

With a lot of help, I managed to take the step of starting the blog even though I feared I would only post a few times and then bail on it.

Although starting the blog wasn’t the only step that led me to launching a business and quitting my job, it was an important part of helping me meet really cool people who became part of my support network.

It helped me feel like I was part of this whole online thing that all the kids today are doing.

This isn’t about telling you to start a blog.

Sure, there’s a part of me that wonders why you wouldn’t want a blog, but I’m not going to try to convince you if it’s not your thing.

But is there one little step you could take toward your thing, whatever it may be?

Even if it doesn’t look like it’s directly related?

Even if you don’t know what you’re thing is?

Kind of like the what-the-hell-am-I-even-going-to-blog-about-but-I’ll-try-it-anyway blog-equivalent?

Something you could take a risk on. Something you could try, and then let go of if it really isn’t your thing.

You might find that moving in that one tiny, seemingly unrelated area will help unstick you in other areas.

Or it might even send you in a direction that you’ll look back on in a year (or five) and shake your head with gratitude and wonder. Because you simultaneously won’t know how you got there, and will know it was exactly where you were supposed to be.

Happy birthday, sweetie-blog. I just know this coming year is going to be awesome for both of us.

And huge thanks to all of you for reading and commenting and generally showing your support!

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Blog! (Or Taking the Step in Front of You)

  1. Bridget Pilloud

    One blog post is showing up and believing in yourself once. A year’s worth of posts is showing up and believing in yourself for a year! That’s a great birthday! Way to take stock and encourage us to move forward. I wish everybody found their way with the bravery that you bring to it. Much love and looking forward to this next year of trying stuff!
    .-= Bridget Pilloud´s last blog ..Rabbit, Condor, Crane…A Year to Observe =-.

  2. Julie Stuart

    That’s a HUGE list of accomplishments this year that started from taking just one step–starting your blog. It’s inspirational to see all the good that has come from that one step. You’ve created a beautiful home for your work, a vibrant place, a container of goodness on the internets. Very inspiring indeed! Congratulations sweetie!
    .-= Julie Stuart´s last blog ..Happy happy. Merry merry. =-.

  3. Victoria Post author

    Darrah, Bridget, Elizabeth, Sherri and Julie – thank you so much for celebrating with me!! Love and hugs to all of you!

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