Four No-Brainer Questions (and the Unveiling)

Update (1/22/2011): If you like what you read here and want to see more ways to apply this technique for making decisions and getting unstuck, check out the ebook!

Last week I held my first free teleclass, about the No-Brainer Scenario technique. I’m sure some of you were there or have since listened to the recording.

I had a blast in spite of my nervousness.

One of the things I shared was how to use the technique when you’re not considering a specific opportunity or decision.

I’ve been using this process for myself a lot lately, especially in terms of what I want this year to look like.

It’s a big question, because it’s up to me, and is limited only by where I decide to invest my energy. For me, that’s a recipe for instant stuckness and overwhelm.

So I used the technique to help me narrow down all the different directions I could go, to let the ones I really care about bubble up to the top.

Here are the questions I asked myself to help get a vision for 2010:

The questions – with my own answers

What qualities would help you get that No-Brainer, “Hell yeah!” feeling about 2010?


Of those qualities, which ones can your business help you with? For each of them, describe how your business might help bring more of those qualities into your life.

Connection – reach more people through my blog and classes

Creativity – develop new ways to help my Right People see that it really is possible to have work that they love; incorporate other types of creative activities such as movement and art into my teaching

Fun – this one’s tough…I guess my business could help me have more fun by helping me reshape my beliefs about work – that it doesn’t have to be unpleasant and overly challenging.

Stability – find ways to make the income from my business more steady

Safety – balance periods of growth with periods of rest (which is really more about how I conduct and interact with my business)

Sovereignty – Okay, I’m going to be totally honest and say that I’m still pondering this. I’m not sure how my business will support this. My business, if nothing else, will certainly offer me lots of opportunities to practice exercising my sovereignty.

For the things you described above, what are some ideas for projects, activities or practices that you could explore to accomplish those things?

Reaching more people – continue hanging out on Twitter; increase blog post frequency; offer more group classes

Developing steady income – create courses and products that can be offered regularly and more frequently

Balancing growth with rest – practice planning ahead and building rest into the project plan so that it’s more sustainable (I’ve been seeing lately that if I don’t replenish after a period of growth, I’m pretty useless)

Practicing sovereignty – practice tuning in to my own “inner knowing” and getting clear on that before asking others for their opinions (this might mean scheduling time in my project plans for getting quiet)

There will be some overlap as far as what qualities will increase with which projects. Are there any projects that give you more of the qualities than others?

I see more overlap than I expected. When I look at my list, I can see that developing group classes and increasing how often I post on my blog will help me with almost all of the qualities I’m looking for this year.

See what just happened?

I can see that group classes and blogging are important pieces of my business to focus on this year, because they’ll bring me the qualities I want.

Granted, there’s more work to be done with these questions, but this did not take me very long once I sat down to think about it. If you’re not used to listening to your own heart to find out what you want, it might take a little longer. It gets easier with practice.

By using the qualities I want to help me find projects to focus on, I completely avoided the “blank page” syndrome of not knowing how to begin planning my year.

Plus, by getting clear on my desired qualities, I have information I can apply to my life in general, not just my business. It allows me to align my business with my life, and not the other way around.

Some other thoughts

As you can imagine, you can apply this process to lots of things…not just a year. It could be a different time frame, or you could gear it toward relationships or a career change. The process is still the same – you’re looking for the set of qualities that give you a light, expansive, “hell yeah!” feeling about whatever you’re considering.

The answers aren’t set in concrete. They can change as your needs and desires change.

And, of course, this is just the beginning of the process. But by approaching what you want from the perspective of the qualities you want and need, you can choose projects that have those qualities.

What I just showed you – this process of going from qualities to specific ideas – is exactly the kind of work we’ll be doing in my new course. We’ll spend ten months together helping you to get clear and create the structures your business needs in order to be able to support you, from vision to plan to implementation.

The course starts February 18, and there are only ten spots so that I can provide plenty of individual attention. (Yep, I’m offering an early bird price, and it’s available until I go to bed on February 11.)

You can get all the details here.

How about you?

What qualities are you wanting more of this year? How can your business (or whatever your focus is) help support you in increasing those qualities?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Update (1/22/2011): If you like what you read here and want to see more ways to apply this technique for making decisions and getting unstuck, check out the ebook!

8 thoughts on “Four No-Brainer Questions (and the Unveiling)

  1. Fabeku

    Your course looks totally brilliant. And delicious. And a million kinds of helpful.

    And these No-Brainer questions? I love them. I find myself coming back to them when I’m in situations that feel kind of sticky. They’re like stuck-be-gone for life stuff!

    So let me try to rock this thing:

    What qualities would help you get that No-Brainer, “Hell yeah!” feeling about 2010?

    Of those qualities, which ones can your business help you with?
    I feel like my biz could help me with all of these. Which is awesome!

    Flow – I have a list of projects and stuff I want to share this year. I have this sense of one flowing into the next, all the way through 2010. That feels so good!

    Expansion – I feel like I’m in growgrowgrow mode right now. Expanding what I’m doing. How I’m doing it. Where I’m doing it. That’s touching every aspect of my biz. New projects. New products. New ways of connecting with folks. Hanging out with more folks.

    Expression – This year I’m doing the projects I want to do. Not the stuff I felt like I should do or have to do. But the stuff I want to do. So my biz is giving me room to express what I really love the most. Which leaves me feeling really excited.

    Connection – I’m looking at ways of maintaining my connection with my existing folks and also looking at ways to make connections with new people. And, for me, connection is the key elements that really supports the expansion and the joy. Because it rocks to be able to share stuff I love with people I dig.

    For the things you described above, what are some ideas for projects, activities or practices that you could explore to accomplish those things?

    My list of projects – I could give some thought to structuring the flow of these projects in a way that feels natural and organic, where one project or product supports the next, creating a very cool connection between all the stuff I’m doing.

    Doing stuff I love – I have already given my list of possible projects a pretty good once over. I’ll go through it again and cross off everything that doesn’t leave me feeling totally excited to do it.

    Connection – I’m starting a newsletter, and plan to increase the frequency of my blog posts. I’m also finishing the details on a referral program. And I just go on Facebook yesterday. Twitter is, and probably will be, one of my favorite ways of connecting with people.

    Are there any projects that give you more of the qualities than others?

    One of the cool insights I had while doing this was that doing stuff I love can carry over to doing the newsletter. Which, to this point, has felt like more like an ughified should. But I can do what I love with the newsletter too, which means I could actually love doing it! Oh, that’s awesome!


    Thanks Victoria.

    This No-Brainer stuff is like magic!
    .-= Fabeku´s last blog ..Rhythms & Retreats =-.

    1. Victoria Post author

      Wow, Fabeku! This is gorgeous!

      I love the qualities that are on your no-brainer list for this year. And I especially love that you’ll be trimming your project list of anything that you’re not excited to do…It’s so easy to forget to ask ourselves whether we really want to do something before we start.

      Thank you so much for sharing…and I can’t wait to read your newsletter!

  2. Briana

    Oh wow, I think getting clear on the qualities I’m looking for instead of trying to start with some big scary goal = sooooo useful. And it just feels better. Way better.

    And the course sounds amazing because the hard part for me is definitely taking those qualities and translating them into specific ideas and even action steps. I think I’m going to go play with this a little now. Yay! And thank you.
    .-= Briana´s last blog ..Friday check-in: The check-check-check-in edition. =-.

  3. Leila

    This is such a great post. And its one that I return to, in my mind, at least again and again. Daring to ask – what qualities I need to thrive in this world and doing this feels more than a little daring and bold from where I am positioned in life right now!

    What do I need right now? What is my body saying? What does my creative slef need to feel…safe and protected…strong enough to venture further than I have before? Is it possible to hope for this much when I am not litte miss perfect, ready, wonderful? Is it too much to think that I, that we can all create a life which is so damn supportive to our essence and sense of self?

    Every time I declare the qualities that I am inviting into my life. I am met with friends or loved ones who tell me that I am asking for too much. That life is not that way. And a little part of me fears that they are right. Since I have feel I have so far, failed, with life in a material way at least, they must surely know more than I could. Right? Yep I fear that I must indeed somehow toughen up, numb out and change, in order to live in this world and BE ‘successful’.

    But I take comfort in the idea that I am not at least entirely convinced that there argument is the gospel truth. That perhaps this is just their stuff being recycled as something resembling fact. And I am comforted by the notion, that even if I am very far off from this, that you and others can at least walk a little further towards creating a work, a business, a life which is supported by those qualities which we need to do more than survive. And that I hope to swiftly follow in your footsteps – in my own little way one day!

    So yep if we start with a sketch, with a doodle, with an idea that we can indeed ask for what we need then it maybe indeed make it so.

    Thanks for such a groovy, clear and insightful post & thanks for reminding me to ask the ‘right’ questions! Marvelous!
    .-= Leila´s last blog ..Stumbling, falling, starting over. =-.

    1. Natalia

      Ouch, too much? That’s how I feel about what I ask of my romantic partners sometimes. And then I think of that Ani DiFranco song, “Asking too much,” and I feel better :)

      We’re worth it.

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