Feeling Nervous? You’re Not Alone!

I got an email the other day from one of the lovely people who joined Project Prowess and she let me know that she was feeling nervous about the course.

And immediately I realized that if one person was feeling unsure and a little anxious about the course, there would be others. Because that’s the nature of things…we are never alone in how we feel (we just think we are because sometimes it’s hard to talk about emotions).

Here’s the email:

I signed up! And for the Premium Option even though I’m terrified!

I’m totally unfamiliar with the call in format (I’ve never done a conference call!), and nervous about sending my work to you to review and comment on, and terrified about actually embarking on this project that has been delayed for so long and afraid that I will end up angry with myself for not getting started before.

I hate the thought that there might be a simple solution to something that has long plagued me, and that I may kick myself for not sorting it earlier.

Let’s tackle the non-technical stuff, first.

The most important thing to know

It’s completely normal to feel this way.

Whenever we take a step toward the things we want, there will be a mix of emotions that bubble to the surface. Some of them will be excitement, but some of them will be more like fear, anxiety, dread or terror.

This does not mean you have made a wrong step or a bad choice! Again, it’s the nature of things.

You are one of my Right People, and we are complex, sensitive flowers. We often (if not always) feel conflicting emotions about the stuff we do.

Feeling angry about waiting so long to figure this out

Oh boy, have I been there.

I don’t know this for sure, but I think it’s part of how our brains are wired. We learn something, and once we see that it’s not so mysterious, we instantly chide ourselves for not knowing it already.

Here’s the thing:

You only know what you know.

And you’re only ready to know what you’re ready to know.

Yes, you might feel anger or regret that you didn’t learn these skills sooner. That’s the part of you who was ready and wanted you to move ahead.

Thank her for pushing you to learn new stuff, and let her know that you’ll try to listen to her sooner next time. (In fact, during the program you will learn a tool to calm the parts that feel scared about moving ahead, so it will be easier to listen the parts that are ready.)

And then? Celebrate that you’re making progress on the project that has been waiting so patiently for you.

The Project Plan Check-Ins

When you sign up for the Premium Option, it includes a “Project Plan Check-In” with me.

I will not be grading you. There will be no red pen.

The purpose of the check-in is to make sure YOU feel comfortable with your project plan, because often when you’re doing something for the first time, it’s easy to wonder if you’re doing it “right.”

Once you have a good start on your project plan, you’ll send it to me and I’ll take a look at it during one of the Lab Sessions.

I’ll ask you how you feel about the plan and you’ll tell me if there’s anything that doesn’t feel right to you.

I’ll take a look at your task estimates and your deadlines and make sure everything seems reasonable.

Then I’ll offer lots of reassurance, and, if needed, make a couple of gentle suggestions so the plan will work better for you.

Again…no grading. No judging. Just reassurance and a second pair of eyes on your plan to make sure it will support you.

The call-in format

Here’s how this works.

For the four classes:

When you sign up, a day or two before our first call, you’ll receive a phone number and passcode from me.

At the time of the call, you dial that number however you want. You can use your land line, cell, or you can use Skype. You’ll be calling a U.S. phone number, so depending on where you’re calling from and your phone plan, you may or may not have a per minute charge. You may need Skype credit or a subscription.

Then you’ll hear a recorded voice prompting you to enter the passcode. Once you enter it, you’ll be added to the group call and I’ll be there. You’ll probably hear some chit chat happening and we can say hi before class starts.

Then, I’ll start the class by muting the lines so the recording is clear, and I’ll talk about projectizing, with lots of breaks where you can ask whatever questions you want. You’ll be able to unmute yourself by pressing *6, and then I’ll hear you if you have a question.

If you feel uncomfortable asking a question live on the call, you can ask by posting it on the Facebook group page, which I always check frequently.

During the Lab Sessions:

Before the first Lab Session, I’ll send you a worksheet to help you get clear on what you want to accomplish during the session. You’ll spend a little time beforehand filling that out for yourself.

You’ll dial in to a phone number just like for the Core classes.

Then I’ll guide you through a brief meditation-y exercise to help you focus on what you want to work on. (You do not need to have meditation experience for this! It will be easy and will make you feel calm and centered, I promise!)

If, after that exercise, you know what you want to work on, you’ll be able to hang up for 45 minutes and work on the tasks you chose.

But! If you’re feeling at all stuck, you’ll be able to stay on the line and ask me about it. I’ll help you get unstuck.

Or, if you hung up to start your focused work session, and then got stuck, you can dial back in and I’ll be there to help you get back on track.

At the end of the 45 minutes, you dial back in and check-in with the group and we celebrate what we all accomplished. (Yay! Progress!)

Regardless, I will stay on the line the whole time, there for you if you need me.

How about you?

Have questions about Project Prowess? Ask in the comments and I’ll answer them lickety-split!

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