Six Essential Steps to Find Your Thing

Thing – (noun) work that you love to do, you’re good at, and that supports you financially.

Wanting to know what your Thing is – but not knowing – is uncomfortable at best, and frakking frustrating at worst.

After years of trying to figure out what my own Thing was, and then becoming a coach and helping other folks find their Things, I’ve learned quite a bit about what works and what doesn’t.

I’ll be sharing some of what I’ve learned in a free teleclass.

Although I’ve broken the Thing-Finding process down into six steps, these aren’t linear steps that you cross through once and move on to the next.

They’re iterative. They’re part of the dance between Inner Connection and Outer Action. They’re the foundation of Thing-Finding.

You’ll learn:

  • What the six steps are
  • How each one helps in the Thing-Finding process
  • What each step tells you about what you need
  • How to know when you should go back (or forward) to a different step
  • Plus, I’ll be sharing my technique to start connecting with yourself again, which is the absolute first step that will help you throughout your Thing-Finding Adventure.

When, where and how?

This class already happened – it was fun!

How much?

Zip. Zilch. Zero. Nada.

Why free?

First, because I know how hard it is to want to find your Thing but feel stuck. This teleclass will give you the basics you need to get moving again.

Second, this call will give you a nice, big *risk-free* taste of my upcoming course, Exploring the Shmorian Thing-Finding Methodology, which starts 6/29. Psst! There’s an early-bird price available until 6/24. And there are a small number of discounted “course+coaching” packages available.

Sound good?

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Or, if you’d like some help with Thing-Finding right now, check out the Shmorian Thing-Finding Kit.

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