Introduction to Shmorian Thing-Finding Methodology

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You have a sense that the work you’re doing now is not The Work You Really Want to Do.

You want that new work to be more integrated with your life – something that you enjoy doing, you’re good at, and will support you financially.

But you don’t have any idea what that Thing is and have no clue where to look.

Or you have some ideas for what it might be, but you’re completely stuck when it comes to actually exploring it or Making It Happen.

And then there are all the voices – sometimes in your head, sometimes from friends or family – telling you it’s not important. Or it’s not possible, so why try? And a whole host of other Yeah-buts.

What if you could figure out a way to find or explore your Thing in spite of the voices? In ways that keep you feeling safe and supported?

What if there were tools and techniques you could learn that would take the Ack! out of trying something new, or exploring something you’re flirting with? A process that is based on your individual wants and needs?

When, where and how?

Thursday, April 29, 1pm Pacific Time.

By phone (you’ll get the call-in information after you sign up).

The call will be recorded, so if you already have a commitment at that time, you’ll be able to listen later and use the worksheets.

How much?

The price for this class is $29.

Once you click the button below, you’ll get taken to a page where you can either sign in to your Paypal account or pay by credit card without logging into Paypal. After you’ve paid, you’ll go to a page with the call-in details for the teleclass.

You’ll also get added to an email list, so that I can send you a reminder about the call, and send you links to download the workbook (a couple days before the class) and the recording (a couple days after the class). Other than sending one friendly “Hey, how’s it going?” email a week or two after class, I will not be using that list for anything.

If you have more questions, feel free to head on over to the contact page.

Looking forward to hanging out with you on the call!