Exploring the Shmorian Thing-Finding Methodology

Thing – (noun) work that you love to do, you’re good at, and that supports you financially.

You have a Thing, though it might be hard to believe right now.

That Thing is find-able and create-able.

There are tools and techniques that will help you find and create your Thing on your terms, without making yourself miserable or forcing yourself to do stuff you’re not ready for.

Shmorian – (adjective) the method of using both left-brained, analytical tools and right-brained, emotional tools to make more progress more easily; the secret ingredient that makes this course so helpful.

How do I know you have a Thing and that finding it is doable?

Because I’ve been there.

When I realized I was depressed and soul-sick a couple years into what I thought was my dream career of database programming, I started searching.

Going in circles and getting frustrated was more like it.

I knew another off-the-rack job wouldn’t cut it…I’d need something tailor-fit to me and my strengths.

But what that work would look like I had absolutely no idea.

In fact, I soon realized I’d been in survival mode so long that I’d completely lost touch with myself. Other than self-medicating in front of the television, I didn’t even know what I enjoyed doing anymore, so I had no clue what to explore.

Even after I thought I’d figured it out and attended life coach training, I got stuck all over again when it came to launching my business. So I know exactly how painful it can be to go through all the stages of Thing-Finding.

In this course, I’m sharing the stuff I used to help myself (and my clients), including the stuff I wish I’d known about when I was searching for my Thing.

What you’ll learn in Exploring the Shmorian Thing-Finding Methodology:

  • How to connect with yourself so that you can re-learn your wants, needs and passions
  • How to find clues for what your Thing might be, even when you’re sure you have no idea what it looks like
  • Ways to figure out what’s holding you back, so that you can get unstuck without freaking yourself out
  • How to deal with the fear and anxiety of taking risks and trying something new
  • The reasons why we have a hard time figuring out what our Thing is, and ways to start shifting the beliefs and perspectives that make it harder
  • Specific ideas for how to try potential Things without quitting your job, maxing out your credit cards or giving up your social- and family-life

When, where and how?

Sorry! This course is not currently available. If you sign up for my Advance Discount List (aka the Shmorian Society), you’ll get an email about the next time I offer this course. If you really, really want to take this course again, contact me and let me know!

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What’s included?

  • Three live 60-minute calls with me
  • MP3 recordings of all the calls
  • A private course page where you can submit questions and get support through July 31
  • A workbook that includes the exercises, worksheets, and tips to help make your Thing-Finding Adventure more enjoyable

What some past participants say…

I have to tell you I got so very very much out of the call. The Shmorian combo of feelings and logic working together was just fantabulous to hear – my inner geek + inner “feelings-fairy” were dancing. Awesome. Thank you!

– Jen Hiebert

I’m still working through your Thing Finding workbook and getting great insights.

– Lori Stone (via Twitter)

Thing finding really was great. I’m enjoying my workbook so much. It was like @victoriashmoria knew how my brain works.

– Celeste Parkhurst (via Twitter)

Have questions? Maybe it’s one of these…

I’m in! So, how does this work?

Once you click the button below, you’ll get taken to a page where you can either sign in to your Paypal account or pay by credit card without logging into Paypal. After you’ve paid, you’ll go to a page with the call-in details for the teleclass.

If you’ve chosen Option 2 or 3, I’ll be emailing you within a day or two to schedule your (first) session.

**Important: If your Paypal email is not your preferred email address, please email me (victoria at victoriabrouhard dot com) with your preferred email so I can update my records. That way you’ll be sure to receive the call reminder emails, the workbook and recordings.

How is this class different from the Shmorian Thing-Finding Kit on your Shop page?

The Kit is strictly self-directed (unless you also decide to work one-on-one with me).

This course is hands-on and interactive. I’ll be guiding you through the exercises so that you can experience them live and ask questions along the way.

It also incorporates everything I’ve learned over the last year since creating the Kit, so there will be new stuff, as well.

Will I have to speak on the calls?


Throughout the calls I’ll be checking in to see if anyone has questions, but I will not be calling on people or putting them on the spot in any way. If you have questions and don’t want to speak up on the call, you’re welcome to submit questions on the private course page instead.

Will this course tell me what my Thing is?

I really wish it could, but no course or product can. What this course will do, though, is give you tools and techniques to help you learn what your wants, needs and priorities are, which will lead you toward your Thing.

Or, if you have more questions, feel free to head on over to the contact page.