Project Prowess: Finishing the Projects Your People Need While Enjoying the Creative Process

This interactive teleclass will begin soon!

We all strive to create products and services that will enhance our customers’ lives while also growing our businesses. Not such an easy task, really, but there are tools and techniques that will help you move from Idea to Completion more easily, while enjoying your work more, too.

At the end of the program you’ll have a project plan that works for the way you work. You’ll also have the tools to deal with all the obstacles that get in the way of creating the stuff you want to create (you know the obstacles I’m talking about – stuff like fear, and procrastination, and lack of time).

Space will be limited to make sure I can give everyone plenty of individual attention, so be sure to sign up below to get on the early notification/discount list.

Hint: I’ve also been known to send out occasional treats.

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