Creating without a Framework Is Like Jogging without a Bra

Image: Women Marathoners
Projects are like boobs.

They need support. And what gives your project support is a framework. But it has to be a framework that fits you, in the same way a bra only works if it’s the right size.

Try to create anything for your business – ebooks, workshops, you name it – without a framework, and it’s a lot like going running without a bra.

1. It’s painful

The elastic nature of boobs only goes so far. Too much bouncing will hurt.

And the amount of pain – let’s face it – is directly proportional to the size of said boobs.

Granted, I don’t know what the projectizing equivalent of “bouncing” is, but if you’re trying to create something, and you don’t have a framework for getting from Idea to Finished Creation, it will be painful.

And the bigger the project, the more painful it will be.

A simple, supportive framework helps you to know you’re focusing on the right idea. And it helps you know where you are in the process.

Knowing where you are is key to getting you unstuck. Because different flavors of stuckness require different kinds of fixes.

2. It’s frustrating

You want to enjoy your run without having to worry about the girls the whole time.

But it doesn’t matter that you want them to stop bouncing, because you haven’t given them what they actually need to stay put. Boobs without a bra bounce when you run. It’s what they do.

Similarly, you want to finish your project. But as important as Desire is, you and your project are still all over the place, because you don’t have the structure you need.

A structure that works for you is what will help you make progress even when you’re busy.

3. It’s anxiety-inducing

The minute you realize your bounce-factor is a bit high for public consumption, it’s all you can think about. You become self-conscious.

And the running-without-bouncing thing totally doesn’t work – you just wind up looking like a bizarre robot. (Come on, surely I’m not the only one who’s tried that technique!)

Creating something that you plan to offer your people is a vulnerable process at the best of times – by definition, you’ll be attracting attention. Without a framework and support for your creative process, though, it can feel like your bra strap broke in the middle of gym class in front of everyone.

A good framework that is designed for all of who you are helps you stay connected with yourself and your project, which helps you stay calm. Or calm-er, at least. (It’s a process, remember?)

4. Chances of finishing are slim

If your planned jog causes pain, anxiety and frustration, it’s understandable that you’d head home without going the full distance.

It’s the same with anything you want to create. Creating something you care about takes lots of energy, and it will trigger resistance. It’s simply part of the transformational process that’s involved in going from Idea to Finished Creation.

So, you need structure and support to ease that process and deal with the resistance.

Project Prowess: The perfect bra for your perky projects

I learned the hard way that a good project framework is not just spreadsheets and deadlines.

Yes, the tools I’ll be sharing include the actual planning, setting of deadlines and scheduling of work.

But Project Prowess goes way beyond that.

The framework will support you by helping you get clear on what you want to create, how you want to create it, and what kind of plan makes sense for the way your life and business work right now, in the real world.

And you’ll have the added support of learning along side a group of like-minded people…we (the other participants and I) will be there to offer support, ideas and advice all along the way.

Project Prowess will help you get your project done, with less bouncing! I’d love for you to join us.

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  1. Kylie

    You are a complete genius with metaphors, you know that? I would *never* jog without a bra, and yet I almost always go into a project without a plan. And this has made me seriously think about that! You’re just marvelous.

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