Coming out of Hiding


The truth is that I’ve been hiding from you.

I’ve been struggling with the fact that I continue to struggle health-wise, energy-wise, clarity-wise, when it feels like I should be done with those struggles.

I wanted to hide from the struggles, and hide them from you, so I went quiet. I allowed myself to be convinced that my struggle meant I didn’t have anything worth saying.

What I’ve been doing, in effect, is waiting for the struggle to pass before I step forward. I couldn’t see that my waiting for things to feel easier was just another flavor of fear.

So, yes, I am struggling with some of the same stuff I’ve been struggling with for years, and my ego feels bruised by that.

But I’ve been feeling a growing sense of urgency. I’m realizing that *what* I’m struggling with, and *how long* it’s gone on is not really relevant.

What’s relevant is how I choose to proceed in the face of it. Will I let it flatten me, or will I find ways to live the life I want to live in spite of it?

Though I’ve been quiet, I’ve been talking with my Soul.

I’ve been learning about what my work is in this world, in this life.

Just as I’ve been connecting to my Soul, my work is to help you connect with your Soul.

Connecting with your Soul is the key to stepping outside the struggle.

(Note that I didn’t say it’s the key to avoiding all pain in this life. Will there still be shitty situations that cause heartache? Yes, but connecting to your Soul will allow you to experience what you’re going through without the experience becoming Who You Are.)

That connection makes it possible to meet yourself with love, acceptance and appreciation in every moment. It allows you to see What Is through the lens of love. It’s how you see new possibilities for movement when you feel mired in stuckness.

Opening and deepening communication with your Soul is how you find the strength and power and energy to do what’s in your heart to do, even if it feels dangerous and way beyond your capacity.

Maybe that all feels impossible. I get it.

But part of what I’m really grasping now is that you don’t have to make the connection. You only have to choose to make it.

The minute you move toward your Soul, it begins to move toward you.

One thought on “Coming out of Hiding

  1. Christine

    Who better to lead than one who has walked the path?

    Nice work, Victoria!

    I really feel what you are saying here, but no one needs you to be perfect, we just need you to know how we feel. :)

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