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Feeling Nervous? You’re Not Alone!

I got an email the other day from one of the lovely people who joined Project Prowess and she let me know that she was feeling nervous about the course.

And immediately I realized that if one person was feeling unsure and a little anxious about the course, there would be others. Because that’s the nature of things…we are never alone in how we feel (we just think we are because sometimes it’s hard to talk about emotions).

Here’s the email:

I signed up! And for the Premium Option even though I’m terrified!

I’m totally unfamiliar with the call in format (I’ve never done a conference call!), and nervous about sending my work to you to review and comment on, and terrified about actually embarking on this project that has been delayed for so long and afraid that I will end up angry with myself for not getting started before.

I hate the thought that there might be a simple solution to something that has long plagued me, and that I may kick myself for not sorting it earlier.

Let’s tackle the non-technical stuff, first.

The most important thing to know

It’s completely normal to feel this way.

Whenever we take a step toward the things we want, there will be a mix of emotions that bubble to the surface. Some of them will be excitement, but some of them will be more like fear, anxiety, dread or terror.

This does not mean you have made a wrong step or a bad choice! Again, it’s the nature of things.

You are one of my Right People, and we are complex, sensitive flowers. We often (if not always) feel conflicting emotions about the stuff we do.

Feeling angry about waiting so long to figure this out

Oh boy, have I been there.

I don’t know this for sure, but I think it’s part of how our brains are wired. We learn something, and once we see that it’s not so mysterious, we instantly chide ourselves for not knowing it already.

Here’s the thing:

You only know what you know.

And you’re only ready to know what you’re ready to know.

Yes, you might feel anger or regret that you didn’t learn these skills sooner. That’s the part of you who was ready and wanted you to move ahead.

Thank her for pushing you to learn new stuff, and let her know that you’ll try to listen to her sooner next time. (In fact, during the program you will learn a tool to calm the parts that feel scared about moving ahead, so it will be easier to listen the parts that are ready.)

And then? Celebrate that you’re making progress on the project that has been waiting so patiently for you.

The Project Plan Check-Ins

When you sign up for the Premium Option, it includes a “Project Plan Check-In” with me.

I will not be grading you. There will be no red pen.

The purpose of the check-in is to make sure YOU feel comfortable with your project plan, because often when you’re doing something for the first time, it’s easy to wonder if you’re doing it “right.”

Once you have a good start on your project plan, you’ll send it to me and I’ll take a look at it during one of the Lab Sessions.

I’ll ask you how you feel about the plan and you’ll tell me if there’s anything that doesn’t feel right to you.

I’ll take a look at your task estimates and your deadlines and make sure everything seems reasonable.

Then I’ll offer lots of reassurance, and, if needed, make a couple of gentle suggestions so the plan will work better for you.

Again…no grading. No judging. Just reassurance and a second pair of eyes on your plan to make sure it will support you.

The call-in format

Here’s how this works.

For the four classes:

When you sign up, a day or two before our first call, you’ll receive a phone number and passcode from me.

At the time of the call, you dial that number however you want. You can use your land line, cell, or you can use Skype. You’ll be calling a U.S. phone number, so depending on where you’re calling from and your phone plan, you may or may not have a per minute charge. You may need Skype credit or a subscription.

Then you’ll hear a recorded voice prompting you to enter the passcode. Once you enter it, you’ll be added to the group call and I’ll be there. You’ll probably hear some chit chat happening and we can say hi before class starts.

Then, I’ll start the class by muting the lines so the recording is clear, and I’ll talk about projectizing, with lots of breaks where you can ask whatever questions you want. You’ll be able to unmute yourself by pressing *6, and then I’ll hear you if you have a question.

If you feel uncomfortable asking a question live on the call, you can ask by posting it on the Facebook group page, which I always check frequently.

During the Lab Sessions:

Before the first Lab Session, I’ll send you a worksheet to help you get clear on what you want to accomplish during the session. You’ll spend a little time beforehand filling that out for yourself.

You’ll dial in to a phone number just like for the Core classes.

Then I’ll guide you through a brief meditation-y exercise to help you focus on what you want to work on. (You do not need to have meditation experience for this! It will be easy and will make you feel calm and centered, I promise!)

If, after that exercise, you know what you want to work on, you’ll be able to hang up for 45 minutes and work on the tasks you chose.

But! If you’re feeling at all stuck, you’ll be able to stay on the line and ask me about it. I’ll help you get unstuck.

Or, if you hung up to start your focused work session, and then got stuck, you can dial back in and I’ll be there to help you get back on track.

At the end of the 45 minutes, you dial back in and check-in with the group and we celebrate what we all accomplished. (Yay! Progress!)

Regardless, I will stay on the line the whole time, there for you if you need me.

How about you?

Have questions about Project Prowess? Ask in the comments and I’ll answer them lickety-split!

Have you entered the contest, yet?

In case you missed it, I’m giving away two seats in Project Prowess.

This four-week program to help you finish a project to grow your business starts March 8!

To get all the details about how to enter the giveaway, check out this post. The contest ends on March 2!

But, if you want to make sure you get a spot (especially since seats in the Premium Option are getting snapped up), you can register now.

Thing-Finding and Projectizing

I used to talk all the time about finding your Thing – the Thing you love to do, are good at and that will support you financially.

Lately I’ve been talking a lot more about projectizing.

Back when I didn’t know what my Thing was, I always felt like I had to leave most of my Self at home or in the parking lot to fit in at my job.

But even once you know what your Thing is and it’s time to start projectizing around it, you still need to make sure what you’re choosing to work on and how you’re working on it fit all of who you are.

Both Thing-Finding and Projectizing have very similar processes…you need things like Safety and Desire and Commitment. And a big willingness to experiment.

Really, they’re very closely related. Fundamentally they both serve the same purpose:

To help you shape your work around yourself, rather than shaping yourself around your work.

So when C. A. Kobu asked me to contribute to the Discover Your True Passion module for her amazing 52-week self-study program, A Year With Myself, I was thrilled to get the opportunity to share more about Thing-Finding. And this week it’s been published!

I wanted to do a little something fun to celebrate, so I’ve got something special for you whether you consider yourself a Thing-Finder or a Projectizer!

For Thing-Finders (in other words, if you’re still not sure what your Thing is)

I’m excited because I think you’ll get lots out of the journaling prompt that’s available for no cost whatsoever, but if you want even more, purchase the full 52-module kit using my link between now and March 15 and I’ll send you a gift copy of the full Shmorian Thing-Finding Kit, and an invitation to a live Q&A call in late March (exact date TBD) where we can talk about all your Thing-Finding questions.

On top of getting all 52 AYWM modules as they’re released, you’ll get the Thing-Finding Kit and a call with me!

If you think you could be a Projectizer (in other words, you’re ready to start bringing your Thing-related creations into the world)

Purchase the full kit using my link between now and March 7 and I’ll send you a coupon code for 50% off your registration in Project Prowess.

Which means you’ll get the full A Year With Myself experience (52 modules!) and you’ll get my hands-on support in creating something to help you start or grow your business.

Note that the deadline is different for this option, because Project Prowess starts March 8!

Easy peasy

Simply purchase A Year With Myself, and then email me your receipt (my email addy is right on my Contact page) and let me know whether you’d like the Project Prowess discount or the Thing-Finding Kit and call. I’ll get your goodies to you within 24 hours (probably a lot sooner).

I’m really proud of the module I shared for A Year With Myself. I hope you enjoy it. :)

Want to Love Your Business? Love Your Projects!

I heard from quite a few folks who said they missed the early-bird deadline for Project Prowess, and they asked (very nicely) if I’d bring it back…and I’m saying YES, because I really want as many of you as possible to benefit from this material!

I want you to join the absolutely amazing group that’s gathering, and learn how to choose, start and finish your projects with more ease and enjoyment.

So I’m making it super easy. All you need to do is go to the Project Prowess page, and then use the secret discount code of SAVE100 to get in for $99.

Ms. Prowess insisted I mention that that works out to less than $25 per session, and it means you are getting my project smarts for less than $15 per hour. (Isn’t that what movie tickets cost these days?)

Oh…and now she wants me to answer a couple of questions that we got.

Do I have to know what project I want to work on?

Nope! As long as you have a couple of ideas, our very first session will be about how to choose the idea that’s best for you and your business right now.

Do I have to have a business already?

Not exactly, however you should have some decent clarity about how you want to help people. Your project could be something that will help you set the business up, like creating the website, or creating something helpful for your future email list subscribers.

How do I know if this is right for me?

Well, let me answer by explaining who this class isn’t for.

If you’re just looking for a way to fill in a spreadsheet and wind up with the perfect project plan, this isn’t for you.

It’s also not for you if you’d rather burn yourself out by pushing through on a project than to stop and explore what you really want and need from your creative process.

And if you’re looking for something that will eliminate 100% of your fear and stuckness around projects, please look elsewhere. (Fear is a normal part of the creative process. The key is being able to process and manage the fear, not eliminate it.)

Who Project Prowess is really for

You want to look forward to spending time with your business. And you understand that both which projects you work on and how you work on them are a big part of enjoying your work.

It’s a process. And the way that you shift your relationship with projects is by practicing. What do I mean by practicing? I mean learning the tools you need, and then using them to work on a real project.

How much is it worth to you to have the support and accountability you need to get a project you care about done?

There are some utterly fabulous people who’ve signed up. I hope you’ll consider joining us.

Introducing the Project Prowess Group Coaching Program

It’s been quiet here because I’ve been hard at work creating something I just know you’re going to love. And I’m super proud of it.

It’s a group coaching program that’s designed to help you go from Great Idea to Something Amazing to Offer Your People.

But it’s more than that. This program will show you a better way to projectize so you’ll have more ease and enjoyment (and less self-doubt and overwhelm) in your creative process.

If you’ve been wanting to write an ebook, create a class or e-course, or even build a new web home for your biz, now’s the time.

Because this isn’t just a spray-you-with-a-fire-hose-of-information teleclass either.

This is a limited-enrollment program where you’ll get plenty of hands-on input and support from me and from the other wonderful folks in the course.

Why I created this

Mainly because I’ve heard from a lot of my readers that they have a hard time finishing projects, for a bunch of different reasons.

If you’ve ever …

  • been stuck in second-guessing mode, wondering if you’re working on (or starting) the right project…
  • wanted to make progress but just couldn’t see what your next step needed to be…
  • been in the middle of a project and lost your motivation, or worse, became convinced everyone would think your creation was silly or stupid…

…then this program will help.

Though I have over 10 years experience in “project management,” what I’ve learned since starting my biz is that it takes a hell of a lot more than a spreadsheet of tasks and due dates to complete a project.

It takes stuff like Desire, Alignment, Commitment, Safety, and Capacity.

No matter how snazzy or detailed your project plan is, without those ingredients, you’re going to have a hard time finishing your project and offering it to your people. And even if you force yourself to finish it, you’ll wind up miserable in the process.

Forcing yourself to power through a miserable project is no way to grow your business.

How it will work

Our little group will have four 90-minute calls together.

Each week I’ll share a bit of theory and a practical tool or two (along with how-tos and examples), and then the rest of the time will be spent digging into your projects.

If you’ve got too many ideas, I’ll help you figure out which will be the best project for you and your biz right now – and you’ll feel confident that you’ve made the right choice.

If you’re having trouble getting started, I’ll get in there with you so you can see what needs to happen first, second and third.

If the project isn’t going as you expected, we can work on transforming it into something energizing and nourishing.

There’s also a private Facebook group page, just for you, me and the rest of the folks in the program. That way, you’ll have all the support you need, even between our calls.

The other reason I’m doing this

Because a lot of you have told me you want to work with me but don’t feel like you can afford it.

This program will give you six hours with me (plus between-session support via the group page). Six hours of one-on-one sessions with me would cost nearly five times as much as the cost of this program.

If you’re ready to create something in a safe, supportive environment, I didn’t want lack of funds to get in the way, and it’s priced accordingly (so I don’t expect seats to last very long).

Without further ado

Without further ado, I’m thrilled to present Project Prowess: Finish the Projects Your People Need While Enjoying the Creative Process.

The price is only $199, but to celebrate this beautiful program’s arrival, there’s an early-bird price of $149 available through 9/22.

Get thee to the party, and let’s get to work on creating something to delight your people and grow your biz!

Going from Beautiful Idea to Finished Creation

I’ve been thinking about projects. You know, those things we want to create that will help our people. And grow our businesses. Stuff like ebooks, courses, services and products.

And I’ve been pondering what gets in the way of going from idea to plan to finished creation – sanely and enjoyably.

The ideas are plentiful, but don’t always take off

I think for most of us, the ideas are there. (In fact, usually too many ideas and choosing what to focus on is the problem.)

Often, when an idea bubbles up into our consciousness, there’s a period of Great Infatuation where the idea is all you can think about. I’ve lost many a night of sleep because I can’t stop mooning over how cute some idea is.

And then – eventually – the Great Infatuation is over

Maybe we look at all our other commitments and feel like we can never do justice to our idea, so why bother starting.

Or we’re willing to start but can’t figure out how.

Or maybe we start but the Voices tell us the idea is stupid after all.

Or we lose steam because the project has since ballooned into a magnum opus and it’s just not fun anymore.

Or sometimes we get all the way to the end and just can’t bring ourselves to expose our fragile creation to people who might not appreciate it.

Regardless of why or how, it winds up being damned challenging to get our project into the hands of the people we created it for.

Thoughts…I haz them.

Between completing many a project as a database programmer (in another life) and creating and launching offerings for my people here, I’ve learned a few things about what works and what doesn’t.

But before I start spewing what I know all willy-nilly, I’d like to know about your experience with projects.

Where do you get stuck?
What do you wish you knew about how to go from idea to finished creation?

You can answer here in the comments, or you can take this super quick 6-question survey.

Your answers will help me focus on the stuff that will make it easier for you to bring your creations into the world. Creations that your people need. And I want to help you get them out there.

Thing-Finding Learnings (& an Announcement)

Back when I was trying to find my Thing, I thought I was taking all the right steps.

Reading tons of self-help books and career books.



Begging the Universe to just tell me what my Thing is already.

It wasn’t until I’d found my Thing that I could look back and see all the missing pieces that slowed the process down for me.

I didn’t know how to truly connect with myself.

I didn’t understand that the process of figuring out what you really want to do is actually a dance between inner connection and outer action. It’s not either-or…you must have both.

I didn’t grasp the importance of creating a safe internal space for all this work.

And the need to translate that inner safety to outer boundaries – ones that fit “real life” limits of time, money and energy – was lost on me, too.

I thought I wanted my Thing handed to me in a gift-wrapped box, but really I needed to understand my Essence Piece better before I could start trying to figure out the Work Piece that would fit best.

I also thought that my Thing was something I’d find out there, but really it was about answering the calling of my soul.

What’s interesting is that I didn’t start learning the tools that helped me find my Thing until shortly before launching my business. Sometimes I wonder how my path might have been different had these tools shown up in my life years earlier.

I’ll never know.

But I can share the stuff I wish I’d known then with you, now.

On Tuesday 6/14 I’ll be holding a no-obligation free teleclass called the Six Essential Steps to Find Your Thing.

You’ll learn the different phases that are part of the Thing-Finding process so that it’s easier to recognize what you need and where to focus as you work on your own Thing-Finding Adventure.

It will also give you a big taste of my upcoming 3-session course called Exploring the Shmorian Thing-Finding Methodology. We’ll be digging deep into the tools that will help you find your Thing. And together we’ll find the best ways for you to experiment without freaking yourself out.

If you’d like to have a perfect-for-you business but you’re not sure what it would be, Thing-Finding is the first step, so I hope you’ll join me for the free class. You can sign up in the box below to get the call-in details and the recording once it’s available (if you can’t see the form, you can sign up here):

* indicates required

My wish for you is to be fully who you are, always. But especially in your work because we spend so much of our lives working.

I hope you’ll join me.

It’s Here, Let’s Celebrate!

I’ve been working on my No-Brainer Scenario ebook for a little over three months now.

The past few days have been about finishing the somewhat tedious tasks that are needed to make a product available.

Shopping cart buttons, zip files, creating PDFs, editing and converting sound files, sales page tweaks.

Yesterday I got to the point where every last task on my project to-do list was done.

Except one.

This blog post.

I had started a few posts, but it always felt forced so I’d set it aside for later.

But once you get to the end of your task list, there is no more later.

I managed not to panic, and instead asked my ebook what it wanted me to write.

It said, “Tell them why you love me.”
“Okay. What about it?” I replied.
“You tell me.”

And that made me laugh because I wanted it to tell me why I love it, and it wasn’t going to cut me any slack.

(Aside: I found that whole exchange interesting because I’ve been aware all along that I love this project. And yet it was challenging to articulate it in terms of “I love it because…”)

So I sat with that and here’s what came to me:

I love this ebook because it’s beautifully simple and helpful in a loving and compassionate way.

It’s simple because the technique is easy to remember, and has only four steps.

It’s loving and compassionate because you can start where ever you are. There are no radical changes required. It’s gentle. And meant to be used with curiosity.

I’m so thankful for the help I received along the way that allowed this ebook project to flourish. Special thanks to Hiro, Fabeku, Sandra, and Maryann.

My wish for this ebook is that it will be a starting point in helping you exercise your power to choose and create the things you want for your life.

Without further ado, allow me to present The No-Brainer Scenario: A Simple Tool for Powerful Clarity.

Please join me in celebrating! Virtual cake and champagne all around!

A Fuzzy Decision Prescription

Announcing a new class on how to use the No-Brainer Scenario in real-life business situations!

Nearly a year ago I wrote a little post that wound up being pretty popular.

The No-Brainer Scenario

It was about the No-Brainer Scenario.

The No-Brainer Scenario technique is a really simple decision-making tool that has a knack for shaving the fuzz off decisions so you know exactly what you’re dealing with. It’s designed to help you figure out what you want, so that you can then decide what to do about it.

When we need to make those important, possibly urgent, emotionally-charged decisions, it’s easy to jumble up what we want with what we think we can have. And that’s no way to make a clear decision.

Even though the technique is simple, it’s not always obvious how to apply it to specific situations. Because, really, once we’re in a decision tangle it can be pretty damn hard to find clarity.

So, on Thursday, August 12, I’ll be holding a call about how to apply the technique to a variety of real-life business decisions and situations.

Maybe you’re trying to decide which project is up next.

Maybe you’ve got a job offer or freelance gig that you’re not sure about.

Maybe you want to outsource some of your work but aren’t sure if you can justify it.

Or maybe you’ve got a situation similar to my friend’s and you’re not sure if it’s time to bail.

The class will teach you how to use the No-Brainer Scenario Technique in common business situations so that you can…

…know what you want.
…stop second guessing your choices.
…turn so-so opportunities into ones that make you jump-up-and-down happy.

If you think this might be for you, check out the details here. Hope you’ll join me!

Is Your Business Not-Quite-Born?

I know that last time I said that this time I’d be talking about Necessity. This is not that time. Instead I need to say a couple of things about about my course.

If you’re 100% not interested in the course or whether it might be for you, feel free to skip this one. It’s okay.

Someone emailed me yesterday to ask they were a good fit for my course.

And I realized if one person emailed me to ask, there are probably others out there who are wondering the same thing, but haven’t sent me an email about it.

What’s the question?

Is this course right for me if I have a solid business idea but I’m not yet open for business?

The short answer? Yes.

The long-ish answer…

I’m guessing you were hoping for more than a simple yes or no.

The essence of my course is to help you go from idea to plan to implementation.

It’s about getting clear on what you’re really wanting from your business (and in your life), and creating a plan to get you there.

Clarity and a plan are crucial whether you’re dealing with an old business, a young business, or a not-quite-born business.

And then it hit me. Yes, this course is absolutely for people whose businesses already exist. But what I realize now is that this course is also the one I wished was available to me when I was getting ready to launch my business. I get downright giddy when I think about the kind of difference this course could make in helping people launch a business.

Why is this course so great for people planning to launch their businesses?

The exercises we’ll be doing to develop our vision will help you clarify what you want to offer, so you can put those pieces into your strategic plan. (To get a taste of the process of creating your vision, check out this post.)

It can help you avoid the expensive mistakes so many new entrepreneurs make, because you’ll know where you stand financially before you dive in. You’ll know what it will take to be able to quit that day job, if you’ve got one.

And the work we’ll be doing with creating our own project plans? The launch of your business is your project.

You’ll know very early on what business expenses to budget for, such as a website or equipment, and they’ll be the expenses that directly support your vision, because you’ll already know what’s important to you this year. (I wrote about how our spending can support our vision here.)

Maybe some of you are wondering, “But what if I get stuck?”

I completely relate to that, and have documented it on this very blog. Remember Hedgehog Girl? There’s nothing like a new adventure to bring out our stucknesses and resistance.

Fear is to be expected – you’re venturing into new and unfamiliar territory. And the voices of our inner critics seem to be particularly loud when we’re doing something big like a launching a business. They’ll do what they can to keep us from moving forward, because they think that’s the only way to keep us safe.

That’s part of why I’m offering a private coaching option for the course. Between starting something new and getting clear on our financial needs, Stuff is likely to get triggered. It’s completely normal. The one-on-one sessions are that extra bit of support that can help keep you on track, so you can get that business of yours out into the world where it can help people.

Growth is often uncomfortable and tantrum-inducing. Giving ourselves what we need as we go along makes it less so. Together we’ll be able to address any resistance that comes up.

If you’re ready to take the next 10 months and build a solid foundation for your business idea, learn more and sign up here. The $200 early-bird discount is still available, but only through 2/11.

Four No-Brainer Questions (and the Unveiling)

Update (1/22/2011): If you like what you read here and want to see more ways to apply this technique for making decisions and getting unstuck, check out the ebook!

Last week I held my first free teleclass, about the No-Brainer Scenario technique. I’m sure some of you were there or have since listened to the recording.

I had a blast in spite of my nervousness.

One of the things I shared was how to use the technique when you’re not considering a specific opportunity or decision.

I’ve been using this process for myself a lot lately, especially in terms of what I want this year to look like.

It’s a big question, because it’s up to me, and is limited only by where I decide to invest my energy. For me, that’s a recipe for instant stuckness and overwhelm.

So I used the technique to help me narrow down all the different directions I could go, to let the ones I really care about bubble up to the top.

Here are the questions I asked myself to help get a vision for 2010:

The questions – with my own answers

What qualities would help you get that No-Brainer, “Hell yeah!” feeling about 2010?


Of those qualities, which ones can your business help you with? For each of them, describe how your business might help bring more of those qualities into your life.

Connection – reach more people through my blog and classes

Creativity – develop new ways to help my Right People see that it really is possible to have work that they love; incorporate other types of creative activities such as movement and art into my teaching

Fun – this one’s tough…I guess my business could help me have more fun by helping me reshape my beliefs about work – that it doesn’t have to be unpleasant and overly challenging.

Stability – find ways to make the income from my business more steady

Safety – balance periods of growth with periods of rest (which is really more about how I conduct and interact with my business)

Sovereignty – Okay, I’m going to be totally honest and say that I’m still pondering this. I’m not sure how my business will support this. My business, if nothing else, will certainly offer me lots of opportunities to practice exercising my sovereignty.

For the things you described above, what are some ideas for projects, activities or practices that you could explore to accomplish those things?

Reaching more people – continue hanging out on Twitter; increase blog post frequency; offer more group classes

Developing steady income – create courses and products that can be offered regularly and more frequently

Balancing growth with rest – practice planning ahead and building rest into the project plan so that it’s more sustainable (I’ve been seeing lately that if I don’t replenish after a period of growth, I’m pretty useless)

Practicing sovereignty – practice tuning in to my own “inner knowing” and getting clear on that before asking others for their opinions (this might mean scheduling time in my project plans for getting quiet)

There will be some overlap as far as what qualities will increase with which projects. Are there any projects that give you more of the qualities than others?

I see more overlap than I expected. When I look at my list, I can see that developing group classes and increasing how often I post on my blog will help me with almost all of the qualities I’m looking for this year.

See what just happened?

I can see that group classes and blogging are important pieces of my business to focus on this year, because they’ll bring me the qualities I want.

Granted, there’s more work to be done with these questions, but this did not take me very long once I sat down to think about it. If you’re not used to listening to your own heart to find out what you want, it might take a little longer. It gets easier with practice.

By using the qualities I want to help me find projects to focus on, I completely avoided the “blank page” syndrome of not knowing how to begin planning my year.

Plus, by getting clear on my desired qualities, I have information I can apply to my life in general, not just my business. It allows me to align my business with my life, and not the other way around.

Some other thoughts

As you can imagine, you can apply this process to lots of things…not just a year. It could be a different time frame, or you could gear it toward relationships or a career change. The process is still the same – you’re looking for the set of qualities that give you a light, expansive, “hell yeah!” feeling about whatever you’re considering.

The answers aren’t set in concrete. They can change as your needs and desires change.

And, of course, this is just the beginning of the process. But by approaching what you want from the perspective of the qualities you want and need, you can choose projects that have those qualities.

What I just showed you – this process of going from qualities to specific ideas – is exactly the kind of work we’ll be doing in my new course. We’ll spend ten months together helping you to get clear and create the structures your business needs in order to be able to support you, from vision to plan to implementation.

The course starts February 18, and there are only ten spots so that I can provide plenty of individual attention. (Yep, I’m offering an early bird price, and it’s available until I go to bed on February 11.)

You can get all the details here.

How about you?

What qualities are you wanting more of this year? How can your business (or whatever your focus is) help support you in increasing those qualities?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Update (1/22/2011): If you like what you read here and want to see more ways to apply this technique for making decisions and getting unstuck, check out the ebook!