Be My Guest in Project Prowess and Get Your Project Done!

image: confettiI’m so excited to announce that it’s contest time!

You have stuff that you want to create. Maybe it’s an ebook, or a teleclass or workshop. Or maybe it’s some kind of new way you want to work with your people. Or a combination of all of the above!

But something is getting in the way. Uncertainty, fear, distraction…you name it.

What I’ve learned is that there are two kinds of tools you need in order to create something successfully:

1. You need an outer structure that supports the actual work. This often looks like spreadsheets and lists and deadlines and milestones. But it needs to be the right structure for you.

2. You also need tools that support you when your creative anxiety kicks up. It often looks like resistance, procrastination, chronic advice-seeking and even panic. It’s completely normal for that stuff to come up, but it can really slow your progress!

Well, it just so happens that Project Prowess starts on March 8!

It’s the perfect environment to learn both types of tools, so that you can go from choosing an idea, to creating a plan, to getting started…all the way through to scheduling the work so you can make consistent progress.

And you won’t get bogged down in resistance or a hard-to-maintain system.

Nope…rather, you’ll have a simple framework you can follow so you can finish your projects with more ease and enjoyment!

Here’s how it’s going to work:

Who can enter

You, of course!

The prizes

I’m giving away two seats in Project Prowess.

The two winners will each receive:

  • Four 90-minute group coaching calls (where you’ll learn how to projectize with more ease and enjoyment while making serious progress on your project)
  • The recordings, so you don’t have to worry about missing something we discuss because you’re taking notes
  • Access to the private Facebook page where you can get support and input from me and the other wonderful people in the program (this was the most popular part of the program for the first group of projectizers)
  • The worksheets and workbook which will help you with your current project AND your future projects

You’ll get to spend four glorious weeks with me and the other amazing, like-minded people in the program choosing, planning and completing your project in a safe, supportive environment!

Just think about how it would feel to finish your project and…

…make the lives of your customers better by sharing your smarts
…grow your business
…have a sweet & helpful something to make money with
…enjoy the satisfaction of taking one of your ideas and bringing it into the world!

Zee rules

I’m guessing you’ve already checked out Project Prowess here and know you want to win a spot. Yes? Good.

Step 1

Leave a comment on this post and tell me two things:

1. What is your awesome project?

Who will it help? How do you hope it will help them?
What do you have a burning desire to create?

It’s okay if you don’t have all the details…just share what you know about it.

Note: If after Project Prowess starts you feel that a different project would be better to work on, that’s okay! Ms. Prowess and I aren’t going to force you to stick with the idea you entered the contest with if it’s not right for you!

2. What is your biggest stumbling block?

What stops you from moving forward with your awesome project?

Step 2

Tell your friends by tweeting out a link to this contest page!

Want to keep it easy? Then simply copy, paste and tweet one of the following…but if you want to change it up, make sure to use “@victoriashmoria” in the tweet so I see it!

  • I just entered @victoriashmoria’s Project Prowess contest & you should, too! Let’s projectize!
  • Oooh! @victoriashmoria’s giving away spots in her nifty projectizing program!
  • Win a spot to work w/ @victoriashmoria & finish a project that will grow your biz!
  • Learn how to bring some *prowess* (rowr!) to your projectizing w/ @victoriashmoria – her treat!

If you’re really not into Twitter, you can share the contest on Facebook, too. Simply send me a friend request, I’ll accept, and then you can tag me in your post about the contest!

Other details

If you’re a current or past client, you are welcome to enter.

The contest ends on Friday, March 2, at 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern time.

I’ll be selecting based on the project type and the struggles raised so that I can make sure winners will be helped by the program. And I’ll notify the winners via email (using the address entered in the comment form) by Saturday, March 3, and announce them here on the blog by March 4.

That’s all there is to it!

Ms. Prowess (that’s my project, but you probably guessed that) and I can’t wait to see who wins, so leave a comment and spread the word!

Thank you so much for celebrating with us! Best of luck and happy projectizing to all who enter!

(Image credit: Andy Graulund)

9 thoughts on “Be My Guest in Project Prowess and Get Your Project Done!

  1. Yael Saar

    ooh, oooh, how awesome!
    I can’t decide between two projects: My Sleep Deprivation Companion: a kit of body mind goodness to bring self-kindness and safety to zzzz-less times.
    Mama’s Comfort Camp online: turning my self-kindness gentle Tried Mama Yoga class into something I can share with those who can’t come to my classes in person.
    link to the IRL class:

    I work mostly with moms, but any woman (or man who wouldn’t mind women-centric language) looking for self-kindness could benefit from these projects.

    biggest stumbling blocks:
    1. My two kids! love them, but they do get in the way.
    2. Technical fears (of the mailchimp, of garage band, of imovie…)
    3. Facebook (hehe)…

  2. Jodi Henderson

    I have a burning desire to create an annual Empty Bowls event in my home community to raise money for organizations dedicated to feeding the hungry in my county. It will help the food pantry and other organizations to serve more people in the community. Ultimately it would contribute to the creation and maintenance of a soup kitchen in my home town.

    I am great the visioning & Big Picture parts. I am pretty good at filling in the details that need to happen. My biggest stumbling blocks are creating realistic timelines and keeping the project manageable. If I give myself adequate time to complete a project, I tend to expand and expand it. So even if I had enough time, I’m always scrambling at the last minute because I came up with another great addition.

  3. Top Secret :)

    I have a burning desire to create either an e-book, a book or an online class on ways people can connect with their environment in a way that is accessible, even to time-strapped urbanites. It will be a series of weekly “lessons” they can explore in 30 minutes or less. I have already started writing it.

    My biggest stumbling block is that I don’t think anybody will buy it. And if I give it away, I don’t know if they will do the lessons at all. And so it collects dust on my desktop.

  4. Dave

    I have a mindful writing-ecourse that I’ve been working on for a while, and I would love some help getting it out into the world. It will help people who suffer from writer’s block, or have difficulty getting a daily writing practice going. It is also a great tool to help people develop presence in their life in a really simple and friendly way.

    My biggest stumbling block is time. I spend most of the day looking after our children and trying to fit my own work into smallish blocks of free time, which makes it difficult to plow through the work I want to get done. I have made some progress in scaling the project down into do-able modules so it seems possible to me, but some help and guidance would make all the difference to me.

  5. Tobi

    My project is to unify all my businesses underneath one umbrella and create a consistent brand and feel across all of them. Or really, my project is to make the major decisions about and lay the groundwork for said unification.

    Right now, you could say that my work falls under a handful of business entities: 1) Performing/Teaching Artist (self employed independent contractor work for theatres and schools as a performer and teacher). Accounts for most of my income right now, but I have the least amount of control over when this work comes and how much I make from it. 2) Photography. Currently very broad – look at my photography website and you’ll see that I offer a little bit of literally every photography service imaginable. Which means that I frequently take jobs that I don’t love. 3) Beyond Starving Artist. My as-yet-to-be-started business but the thing I feel could be hugely impactful in my industry. Teaching performing artists, particularly actors, to make a living at what they do rather than settling for doing their art around a day job. 4) Upcycling and other artistic endeavors. I would love to be selling some of the creative physical art that I create. 5) Other related Scanner interests yet to be discovered. :-) Whatever umbrella I create, I need to be confident that it can handle additional projects in the future as well as those I currently work on, as I am a scanner to the nth degree.

    That is the background. So what, you ask, is the project? In the four weeks of Project Prowess, I would hope to: a) discover what qualities all these endeavors have in common, b) articulate what is unique about me and my projects and how I want them to impact the world, c) hone my offerings down within each area and prune away what doesn’t fit my message (particularly in the photography), d) come up with an umbrella name (think S*********s and how The Fluent Self,, The Secret Lab, the Playground and The Floating Playground are all distinct but unified entities with clearly consistent branding and messaging). I’d like to finish the month of PP with a clear action plan for the remainder of 2012 for actually implementing the changes – visual branding, overhaul and unification of various sites, getting Beyond Starving Artist off its feet, etc.

    The biggest stumbling blocks for me are fear-related, I think. Fear that I will commit to a branding umbrella that won’t serve me in the future, fear that once this other stuff is out of the way I actually WILL have to work on Beyond Starving Artist (which has its own army of associated fears), fear that I will do all this work and then all my interests will completely change and suddenly I’ll want to become a professional spelunker instead… or something.

    I think more than anything else, the accountability of this program would be most helpful to me. That, and working through the roots of those fears.

  6. Paulita

    okay, I’m hoping to win the prize for least-glamorous entry. I know, I know, there’s no prize for that… ;-)

    I actually want to apply the accountability and support of Project Prowess to a project at my day-job. I am thinking what feels most important and somewhat urgent (but not urgent enough to actually get it DONE) is our process for tracking software licensing compliance. We have a custom-built database called Software Manager that has a web front-end and an RPG/AS400 back-end. I helped design and implement the tool but we have never used it to its fullest capacity. There is a data entry backlog for non-standard, low-volume software packages. Our paper files need attention. We need to define and implement fair processes for re-allocating licenses freed-up by people leaving the company which would allow us to save money.

    This will help ME, my main co-worker, my manager (director of infrastructure), our VP (of IS), and many other co-workers who could use the database to look up information about who is licensed for what — which would streamline workflow, dispensing with the bottle-neck of checking with me/my co-worker, and save time. I would have peace of mind knowing this was better organized. I would not dread the annual software audit, but instead experience ease and flow, calm and support. It would help my main co-worker so she wasn’t feeling guilty and overwhelmed by the data entry backlog that she *inherited* from her predecessor who retired. It would make license transfers easier to do when we acquire or divest companies (need to define those processes, too). Qualities that this project embodies/supports include: communication, clarity, transparency, sovereignty, empowerment, flow, integrity, groundedness, hope.

    Biggest stumbling block — I could say it’s time, which is true in a sense, but I don’t think it gets to the real issue. Perfectionism is big here — I’m afraid of doing something wrong. I feel overwhelmed by the immensity of the task. Not sure where/how to start, how to get my arms around it. Lots of guilt over not having it done already. Worried it will take a lot of (unpaid) overtime to complete. Dread that I will find a compliance issue that is expensive to remedy. Commitment — this project can easily be swept aside/procrastinated, but it’s really weighing on me. Whew! Just writing this out is progress. :-)

  7. Jane

    [Paulita – mine is a contender in lameness. Watch out here it comes.]

    I’m not sure which project to work on next. Should it be for my business or for the bunny rescue that I just started volunteering at (fundraising). Will process that this weekend.

  8. Maartje

    Here’s me entering the contest anyway, even though I’m wowed by the other entries. Even by the lameness contenders! I considered being brief, but I quickly failed. :p

    I’ve been drooling over your week 1 description in particular. That’s what my sticking point is. Lemme elaborate:

    1) My project: I’m building a business. Whenever I’m with clients, I really enjoy doing the work. My clients appreciate me. I’m good at what I do, and people feel happier once I’ve helped them. And I want to meet and help more clients! Helping people feels good, and the people I help feel even better.

    I also want to help me & my husband by bringing ‘my share’ of the household income back up to 50%. Fewer money worries = even more energy for clients and awesome work!

    Of course, that’s a bit big for a four week project. So my project is: I want to discover which potential clients I want to reach out to next and build up my mindset and materials so I feel happy to do so. I’m not even married to the outcome – I just want to reach out (*and touch somebody’s hand, make this world a better place* – ahem, that’s for later) and have it really sink into my bones that the world doesn’t end when I do that, whether I get an overwhelming response or none at all.

    2) The stumbling happens before I even get started. Too many contradictory ideas and impulses, too many things I think I need to do before I can take the next step, and – the BIG one – not being able to figure out if I really want something. Do I want to have a thriving little business with lovely clients and interesting projects? HECK YES. Does the idea of what I think I need to do to get there fill me with dread and nausea? HECK YES. Does that mean I’m just focusing on the wrong things? Should I try zigging where I’m zagging or do I just need to zag in a different way? Don’t know. And until I know, I’m not doing all the things I think I want to do.

  9. Alicia Diaz

    1. I’ve been asked to develop a class on record-keeping and basic business practices for folks in the voiceover business. I’ve also been asked to develop an e-class on basic audio editing. These would benefit friends and colleagues because they would have a structure to start with, instead of having to improvise and learn from early mistakes…I have a burning desire to create classes that people will find truly useful and will recommend to their friends and that I could possibly use as the basis for products for my business.
    2.My biggest stumbling block is a combination of perfectionism and prioritizing my business within my life. I want my classes to be awesome! And I want their development to fit in the time I have available! And I want to not feel selfish working on my thing because it takes time away from family stuff! And in a sense I have permission – I just don’t know what to do with it yet…

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