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Whether you’ve been a creative solopreneur for a while, or you’re just starting out, you’ve probably got lots of ideas for stuff you’d love to create. Ideas you’re passionate about and that reflect your burning desire to help your people.

The tricky part of caring so much about your ideas is that it’s really easy to go from being excited about the project to being fully convinced it’s the lamest idea ever.

And even if you keep your excitement long enough to get started, there are other pitfalls, too…

Lack of time…
Worrying whether it will sell…
Getting completely overwhelmed by what’s involved…

And lets not forget this gem:

Generally not knowing what the hell you should be doing each day to make sure the project gets done…

All of that time spent spinning your wheels is draining. And frustrating.

Here’s what I know:

Completing a project is hard work, and it’s not always fun.

But there are lots of techniques you can learn to help you complete projects more easily while enjoying the process more.

It’s not just about Getting Shit Done. It’s about spending time on projects that energize you while growing your biz.

Introducing the Project Prowess Package

This package is designed to teach you ways to make it more fun and less stressful to create the stuff your people need.

Because this is for my Better Tasters (my new name for Beta Testers), I’ll be tailoring what we cover to address your specific needs.

Depending on where you are with your project idea(s), I’ll share my best tools for…

  • choosing the right project
  • creating a manageable plan
  • dealing with the fear and anxiety
  • staying focused and motivated so you can finish your project

Plus, I’m going to explain why we’re doing what we’re doing, so that you’ll be able to do the same things for yourself the next time around.

What you get

Three 60-minute sessions with me.

After each session, I’ll send you the recording so that you can review what we talked about whenever you like.

Why you want this

So many reasons…here are the big ones:

You’ll save time, because you’ll have the tools to stay on track. You won’t be staring at your screen wondering what you should be working on.

You’ll make money, because you’ll finish your projects more quickly. You can’t sell something that you haven’t created.

You’ll feel better, too:

More confident, because you’ll know how to deal with the anxiety that’s part of the creation process.
More powerful, because you’ll know how to change the things that aren’t working in your project.
More calm, because your increased productivity will mean you’re making the best use of your limited time.

What’s it worth to you to be able to make serious progress toward finishing your project, while also learning how to do it more easily in the future?

When I contacted Victoria for help finishing my ebook, I wasn’t sure how she’d be able to help. Every time I looked at the files on my computer, I would get incredibly anxious, as though my business would totally collapse if I didn’t have a product ready for sale on my site YESTERDAY.

The minute we got on the phone together, Victoria calmed me down. She had a way of clearing away the junk so I didn’t keep getting worked up into a panic. I came away from our sessions with a clear path to what I wanted to create. Instead of avoidance and procrastination, I had an action plan.

Victoria was like a friend who wouldn’t let me backslide. I knew in our next sessions she would want to know what I had accomplished. That accountability was huge for me. Two weeks after our third session together, I released my ebook.

— David Billings

Why should you listen to me?

Because I spent over 10 years working on IT projects the “traditional” way with spreadsheets and Gantt charts.

And since launching my business I’ve experienced plenty of project flow and project stuckness in the stuff I’ve created for my people.

What I’ve learned is that when you use tools that support you, and you connect with yourself and your project, you feel safe and ready to work, which means you get more done and have a better time doing it.

Another reason to listen to me? Because my superpowers include getting to the root of what’s not working, and then figuring out what’s needed to fix it. And also being able to teach you how to do that for yourself.

Victoria’s advice and guidance gave me the confidence to act on a photo book project I had been contemplating and agonizing over for more than a year. She helped me define specific tasks and set achievable and measurable goals, which made all the difference in helping me get unstuck.

When you hire Victoria, you are choosing someone who is smart, sensitive to your needs, and supportive in every way. As a result of our work together, I completed my photo book project and submitted it for publishing just a few days after the original deadline I set for myself.

I’ll definitely be doing more projects by adapting the road map she created for me.

My deepest, sincerest thanks to you, Victoria!

– Claire Tom

This is not for everybody

For the Better Taste (aka beta test), I need you to meet certain criteria and commit to a few things.

You fall into at least one of the following categories:

  • You’re trying to choose which project to work on, and have a few ideas you’re considering.
  • You know what project you want to work on, but you’re having trouble starting.
  • You’ve started your project, but you feel stuck, or you’re not making progress.

This is what I mean by “project:”

  • It is (or will be) an info-product, training course, service, or physical product (or some combination thereof)
  • It’s something you plan to offer your people, either to bring in monies or grow your audience (i.e., it’s okay for the project to be a freebie to build your list)
  • It has (or will have) a completion date.

You’re also willing to commit to the following:

  • Start your sessions by Wednesday, August 31
  • Finish your sessions by Friday, September 23
  • At the end of our work together, you’ll answer a few questions so I can gather feedback.

How much?

The three 60-minute sessions with me and the recordings are $367.
(A savings of over $110)

But! There are only two spots remaining at this time. And payment must be received by August 26.

If I decide to offer something similar in the future, I’ll probably reconfigure it, and charge a lot more.

You’re in? Awesome.

*** Sorry! This offer is no longer available, but you can still work with me on your projects in my new group coaching program! Check it out here! ***

After you pay, I’ll email you (at your Paypal address) to schedule our first session.

My No-Brainer Guarantee:

Yes, I’m calling this a “beta” service (and offering the discount) because it’s new and because I’m looking to work with people on specific kinds issues during the month of August. But this isn’t about figuring out whether I know how to help. I already know I can help you. (You read the testimonials above, right?)

But just to reassure any lingering doubts, if at the end of the first session, you don’t have more clarity, focus and actionable steps to move forward with your project, just tell me and I’ll refund your entire payment. Easy peasy, and absolutely no hard feelings whatsoever. I don’t want you to pay for something that wasn’t helpful.


If you’re interested but not sure you meet the requirements (or concerned about the deadlines), please email me: