And the Winners Are…

Ms. Prowess and I are thrilled to announce the winners of the Project Prowess giveaway!

Our electronic pull-names-from-a-hat machine drew the two lucky winners: Kerry and Rose!

They’ve both won a spot in the group coaching program that starts next week!

We (that’s Ms. Prowess and I) are sooo excited to get to work with these two lovely ladies.

I just know they’re going to become expert projectizers and create all sorts of amazing stuff for their people, while keeping the creation process fun and energizing for themselves.

Big, squishy congratulations to Kerry and Rose!

Want to learn to finish your projects with more ease and enjoyment? There’s still an early-bird price available through Thursday, October 6.

And Ms. Prowess told me I need to remind you that if you join the Shmorian Society, there’s a secret discount code that’ll get you $50 off!

Which means you could get six hours of group coaching to make serious progress on a real-life project that will grow your business for only $99.

(To put that in perspective, 6 hours’ worth of sessions with me would normally cost nearly 10 times as much. Hell, even at the regular price, you’d still be saving over 80%.)

Just think how great it would feel to get that one project you really care about done.

Join the party and let’s start creating together!